The use of wheelchair lift has brought a huge convenience for people with a disability in the leg. For them, moving isn’t just about leaving a house; it’s about leaving a home full of memories. For people with limited mobility, a single stair can become an obstacle that limits independence, but this does not have to be the case. If you are a wheelchair user exploring home elevator or lift options that empower you stay in your home, rest assured that there are solutions available to you.


wheelchair lift platform

A platform lift is what most people think of when they think about a wheelchair lift. It’s also known as a vertical platform lift or porch lift which was specifically designed as a means to facilitate wheelchair users from getting from one level to another. The platform allows the user to easily roll themselves on before ascending/descending.


Platform lifts serve a simple purpose – to transport you and your wheelchair straight up over any vertical barrier. It is most akin to an elevator by moving between floors vertically. All you have to do is to ride onto its platform, shut the door, push a button, and the device will lift you to the next level. Once you arrive on the second level, you just open the door and exit. The whole operation is easy to learn due to the simplified control panel interface and user-friendly machine design.

At MORN, we are specialized in providing both standard porch lift models and customized model to meet your installation & application requirements. For instance, if the lift will be installed outside, there is an optional safety enclosure made by aluminum/glass for your choice, which provides an additional layer of safety by protecting the user from the edge. Also, the opening side/platform door/electric ramp can all be custom-made to your need, for which our home lift engineers will design the lift structure based on your installation information and applications. When installing a vertical platform lift, some structural modifications to your home will most likely occur to get it to fit.

Benefits of a Wheelchair Lift:

Wheelchair lift provides a safe, convenient way to access your home. Unlike a home elevator which requires indoor installation, it is appropriate for indoor or outdoor installation. To meet your specific needs and preferences, wheelchair lifts are also available enclosed or unenclosed and designed with skid-resistant flooring for safe access in all weather conditions. Pit depth requirements are minimal, so a unit can usually be installed more quickly than an elevator. Though most often installed outside, when installed indoors, a wheelchair lift is frequently placed in a garage or the entryway of a home.

wheelchair lift for the disabled

The wheelchair lift for the disabled people is configured with multiple safety devices including emergency stop valve which can lower the platform when power outage happens, safety sensor, remote control, calling box in each floor and so on to guarantee 100% safety use.

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