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The towable boom lifts or trailer boom lifts, known to some as towable man lift, cherry pickers, bucket lifts, are specifically engineered for those tricky, high-up, hard-to-squeeze-into jobs. They’re space-efficient, both when in use and folded up for storage, as it’s able to move around in narrow spaces easily and be folded up for compact storage. 

MORN LIFT trailer boom lifts enables you to do the same jobs as other MORN LIFT mobile boom lifts(electric or diesel-powered boom lifts), but with an easier option for transportation. You also have choices to upgrade them to dual power system.

With the standard combination hitch and hydraulic auto-leveling outriggers, you could have this towable boom lift brought to your job sites and working immediately.
Purchase a towable boom lift to facilitate you doing high elevation tasks like tree trimming, decoration, construction, exterior painting and maintenance, etc. 
Temporarily we don’t have rental service on boom lifts, but you can pay close attention to our regular marketing activities to enjoy more favorable prices. 
We welcome various agents of such field to work with us. Special agents support policies will be offered. Talk to us now.


ModelPlatform SizeLift HeightLoad CapacityOperational Radius
ATB0.2-12(telescopic jib)0.9*0.7m12m200KG7.8m


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High Grade Parts Ensure High Quality of BOOM LIFT

All the parts we use are first-class quality and well-known brands. The parts are a standard model with item code, which are very convenient to be replaced. Delivery is also fast for parts.



Why Should You Choose a Towable Boom Lift for Aerial Jobs?

The towable boom lift is often referred to as a cherry picker, man lift, basket crane, hydra-ladder, towable aerial lift, and towable lift…

What Should Be Considered When Choosing The Right Trailer Boom Lift

Choosing a right trailer boom lift directly relates to the safety and efficiency of your aerial work.If aerial workers use,  …


As the trailer boom lift manufacturer, a trailer boom lift is usually redesigned to make it more safety and operate conveniently.

1. Trailer boom lift adopt Italy famous “VIS HYDRAULICS” brand Solenoid valve, Spillover valve &
Throttling valve and Balanced valve is America Hydraforce brand. We never receive a complaint about Oil leakage.

2. Boom up & down speed and outrigger shrinkage speed could be adjusted by operating control button.

3. The platform control button of trailer boom lift by the new operation bar, the operation is more easily.

boom lift control button4. Trailer boom lift could stop work immediately by the pressure sensor, if overload, the alarm will be working.boom lift overload alarm5.We add extra Lowering valve on every arm, not Manual. Operator could make trailer boom lift down
immediately, which is more conveniently & save labor.Instead the manual emergency decline.

We are main to produce Trailer boom lift for 10 years in China, and have a good performance cost, got good feedback from our client. Maybe you have questions about how to operate the boom lift, please don’t worry about it, we will tell you that the detailed operation of the trailer boom lift.
we are a professional trailer boom lift supplier, and this trailer boom lift is our advantage

First, we should pull the trailer boom lift on a ground floor, and the legs stretched out spending,
the machine has four control knobs, we can up and down the knobs to adjust the legs, please see the photo as below.

boom lift leg operator

Secondly, when the four legs supporting the ground, we will get into the work platform, there have many buttons on the platform, including Ⅰ boom, Ⅱ boom, telescopic boom, Rotation, scram button.
When you press the Ⅰ boom button and pull the control knob up, then the mechanical arm will raise. when you press the Ⅱ boom button and pull the control knob down, then the mechanical arm will down. Press the rotation button that the mechanical arm will rotate.

We are a good supplier of trailer boom lift China, and our boom lift has been sent more than 50
countries in the world, if you buy boom lift from us, we will provide the detailed operation
instruction to you, you can operate the boom lift according to it.

Trailer boom lift as the cheap aerial work platform, more and more clients choose the trialing boom lift in China. In order to help you find the good trailer boom lift and manufacturer, we list some suggestion as follows

1. Choose the boom lift. please kindly confirm the boom lift have the safety parts? Does the trailer boom lift supplier could produce the boom lift according to your requirements?

2. Choose the trailer boom lift manufacturer. Could the trailer boom lift manufacturer supply the good service, such as if the trailer boom lift occurs the problem during the work, how to solve this problem?

As the professional trailer boom lift manufacture, we could produce multiple kind lift power trailer mounted boom lift, battery, electric, petrol, diesel, and dual power engine. With the emergency decline and level sensor, and trailing system are imported from Italy.

Because many trailer mounted boom lift is used outdoor, so we recommend the petrol engine power trailer boom lift. Lift height from 10-20m. Petrol engine brand Honda from Japan. 

14m Petrol engine trailer boom lift

14m boomlift

Petrol engine is brand Honda brand for the trailler boom lift power

boomlift petrol engine

The boom lift is widely used in shipbuilding, construction, municipal construction, fire, port cargo,
landscaping, and other industries. With the vigorous development of the domestic manufacturing sector, the demand for high-altitude operations products is also increasing. Requirements of its performance are increasing also. A variety of new products, increased rapidly in recent years, competition in the domestic industry with the more increasingly fierce. Aerial Work Platforms automatic leveling mechanism is the object of a working platform. An important factor in the evaluation aerial work platform product success is the self-leveling capability of working platforms, but also an important factor to ensure high-altitude work. Currently, innovation is mainly dedicated to domestic and foreign enterprises to expand the operating range of aerial work machinery to meet the needs of different operations; ensure the operational safety of personnel; improve handling and performance.

Work platform and leveling mechanism

Double standard open fiberglass bucket work, staff can enter and with safety chain from the left.
Working bucket automatic leveling, there is a master/slave hydraulic operating bucket leveling
feature: the upper and lower level coordination action cylinder, the link mechanism; manual
leveling function through the upper control box electric control to ensure that the working
the platform remains level.

Working principle of boom lift

Hydraulic pump proportional valve (5&6) → luffing cylinder selector valve(4), raise the level to
level the cylinder(3) → link (2)→ Working bucket cylinder(1).

Working principle of boom lift

A towable boom lift can be easily transported between different sites for aerial work. .Narrow
single door width is suitable for internal use in atriums, warehouses, theatres, shopping centers,
etc. Max. height could up to 53.3m. How to guarantee safety when work? Here offer you some
instruction for reference.

1. Adjustable height and width of track enable boom lift to be used in different road condition.
2. Dual computer control, man-machine interaction, LCD for clear operation
3. Dual power source, 220V AC power and diesel engine for an option based on different use site.
4. Emergency decline valve, which let the operator on work bucket fall down safely when meeting an emergency.
5. The built-in pipeline, to avoid damage or destroy due to various weathers or work condition.
6. Space between support legs could be adjusted according to field use.
7. Equipped with an overload protection device and an emergency stop valve.
8. The engine will turn off automatically when the temperature is too high or oil pressure is too low.
9. The travel system, rotation system, and small beam are all with buffer function. To keep the operator in comfort working situation.
10. The emergency system could ensure boom part retracts safely if any fault on the engine.
11. Every operation is with indication, warning and limitation function.

To the hydraulic system of boom lift:
1. With automatic relieving function.
2. Double filtration facility
We prefer to pay more attention to the details of safety. If you have any other questions about our boom lift.

The boom lift is widely used in street lights maintenance, cleaning, installation, landscape engineering, television camera, decoration, advertising, communications engineering, airport, and other places need to work at height.

Now the towable boom lift is very popular, we just finished one as a sample, welcome to visit our
factory and test the machine.

Firstly, before using, you need to notice these as follows:

1. Before the operation, must be assured that the truck in a solid level ground. To determine the
hand brake has brake position, all the necessary accessories must be in place (such as tire pads,
safety warning flags, etc.). Legs must be supported on solid ground, in order to ensure stability.
If you must work on slopes situation (max 5 °), must be fully extended legs, and operated in
high-slope side.

2. The operator on the bucket must wear protective safety equipment specification requirements, and fixed in a safe anchor ring.

3. Control valve should be operated and handled slowly, in order to achieve smooth movement, to prevent a sudden start or stop, to prevent contact with solid objects, arm and bucket work, such as tree branches, buildings, etc

4. The load capacity is 200kg, not allowed to overload

5. Could not be allowed the bucket in a situation of side working, next to the bucket load, or lift
from the bucket to the un-target subject, bucket prohibits to hang goods.

And then we start to operate the towable man lift.

1. Open the support legs, press the handle down, support legs stretch, press the handle up,
supports legs retraction.

support leg retraction
2. Dual control, you can control it on the ground and platform.
boomlift dual control

The towable boom lift is often referred to as a towable man lift, towable aerial lift,trailer mounted boom lift, hydra-ladder, cherry picker, personnel basket lift, etc. It is a common type of aerial work platform that features either a flat platform or an open bucket at the end of a hydraulic arm. What makes the towable lift different from other types of aerial lifts?  The fact that it is simply towed behind a truck. Our towable lifts can be towed behind vehicles with class 2 or class 3 trailer hitches! These are perfect for those that do not have a flatbed trailer to haul it around.

MORN LIFT offers towable boom lifts which can hold 200kg, you can also consult our custom service for higher loads.

Boom lift manufacturer MORN LIFT provides a model, ATB0.2-18, at 20m, is now the tallest towable boom lift. It beats its closest rival.

Tough quite rare, it is still possible for boom lifts to tip over, just keep the area under and around the boom lift clear to ensure that nobody will be hurt if the boom lift tips over.


How to Avoid a Boom Lift Tip-Over?


Fall Protection Tips for Boom Lift Workers.


  • wear full-body harnesses attached to lanyards. Connect the lanyards to the boom or basket. This helps prevent workers from being ejected from the bucket during a boom lifttip over. Fall arrest gear helps minimize injuries by stopping a fall before workers hit the ground.
  • Once in the air, never sit, stand, or climb on the guardrails. pay close attention to the task at hand and watch for potential dangers.
  • Don’t carry objects that are larger than the lift platform.
  • Don’t go beyondthe lift’s horizontal or vertical reach limits.
  • Don’t Exceed the lift’s speed limits.
  • Don’t Operate the lift near debris, potholes, overhead wires, and cables.
  • Don’t Operate the lift in poor weather.
  • Don’t do horizontal work tasks that put too much strain on the lift.

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