Jinan Sinicmech Machinery (MORN Group) Co.,Ltd. is a professional hydraulic lift platform manufacturer. Its main products cover aerial work platforms, hydraulic scissor lifts,boom lifts, and dock levelers, etc.

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Jinan Sinicmech Machinery (MORN Group) Co.,Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer that produces hydraulic lift platforms, andis also the biggest producer of aerial work platforms, hydraulic scissor lifts,boom lifts, and dock levelers.

MORN abides by the motto, “Safety, service,integrity, and efficiency”, and has kept those values since it was founded. Wealso are up to the People’s Republic of China Machinery Industry standards andCE standards. We are continuously improving the quality of our products, andlaunching new variations to satisfy market growth and respond to customerfeedback.

Thanks to the hard work of the 770 workersin our factories and 110 engineers in our research and development teams in thetechnology department, as well as our 288 salespeople and after-sales technicalsupport staff, we have been able to double our growth rate every year.

Today, MORN has filled many holes and gapsin the domestic market, successfully launched several national inventions, and hold multiple model patents. We know this is how we build a strong foundationfor a better future. Every MORN member knows our goal: “To facilitate the world, and create the well-known MORN brand”.

MORN welcomes every customer to come visit us and experience our products and service in person.

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this about morn factory

MORN has developed rapidly since it was established, due to the unique design and strength of our machines and our readily available technical support. Whether you’re buying a standard lift table or need a more customized design, MORN lift offers quality, safety, and excellent service.

After nearly 19 years of development, MORN has a power plant that is more than 16,000 meters. Our factory boasts the bestand most advanced machines to cut the lift structures and booms, which makes every lift part extremely precise – our error percentage is less than three one-thousandths of a millimeter. Because of the care and precision we put in to our machines, they come with a better lifespan and longer service.

At MORN, if we do it, we do it the best.

Today, MORN lift provides project solutions using scissor lifts, vertical cargo lifts, materials lifts, wheelchair lifts,and many other manual handling solutions.

Every relationship with our clients is a partnership. An excellent working relationship is important to us, and you can count on access to an experienced team at all times.

We welcome every customer to come visit us and get the MORN experience in person!

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