Loading Ramp FOR SALE

A hydraulic loading ramp, also known as a forklift ramp, is an inclined plane used to assist loading and unloading materials on/off a van or container. Its height can be adjusted according to the height of the container.

MORNLIFT loading ramps have strong bearing capacity and durability and can be set in warehouse and shipping operations. These loading ramps come in all sizes and styles. One end of the ramp is equal to the height of the dock, and the other end is placed on the edge of the truck or container.

MORNLIFT have 3 types of loading ramps: mobile loading ramp, stationary loading ramp and sectional loading ramp.

Load capacity: 6T/8T/10T/12T/15T
Towable, easy to move 
Load capacity: 6T/8T/10T
Easy to store, save space 
Platform dimension: Customizable
Load capacity:customizable
Power: electric

Selection of Loading Ramps

The loading ramps are very common in modern logistics sites. It is the starting and ending point of an enterprise’s logistics chain and quick and safe operation platforms for cargo turnover. The height of the dock is fixed, but the height of the carriages to and from the transport vehicle is different, and a certain height difference or gap is always formed between the transport vehicle and the loading and unloading vehicle. As a result, the handling forklift cannot enter and exit the transportation vehicle to directly load and unload the goods. The loading dock ramps provide a reliable connection. The forklift can safely and quickly get in and out of the transport vehicle for loading and unloading operations.

The selection of the loading dock ramp is mainly considered from the following aspects:

The mobile loading ramps are easy to move around, quick to set-up, and an ideal choice for occasions where the cargo loading and unloading position is not fixed.

Advantages of Loading Ramps

  1. Superior performance

The ramp has high strength and strong bearing capacity, and not easy to deform even in long-term operation with heavy load.

  1. Simple operation and labor saving

  Under the traction of a forklift, the high-quality and durable mobile docking ramp can be moved to any place, and the operation is also very simple and convenient. You only need to adjust the height of the ramp to a suitable position, and connect the front to the truck.

  1. Improve work efficiency

  At present, the use of mobile loading ramp improves work efficiency. Only a single person is required to quickly complete the loading and unloading of goods. This reduces a lot of labor for factories and enterprises.