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mast lift
Mast Lift 1


Aluminum lift is made up of high grade aluminum profile and equipped with the universal wheels, beautiful structure, compact main body, light weighted, safe and reliable; the control panels are available on the lift platforms and ground. 

Product model overview


vertical mast lift application
vertical mast lift application
Mast Lift 3
Mast Lift 5

High Grade Parts Ensure High Quality of MAST LIFT

All the parts we use are first class quality and well-known brands. The parts are standard model with item code, which is very convenient to replace them. Delivery is also fast for parts.


  • Battery Power
  • Dual power(AC+Battery)
  • Auxiliary ambulation
  • Extend platform
  • Dual power(AC+Battery)
  • Platform control panel


A.Single man lift height from 3m to 10m, load capacity max 150kg. One man lift weigh is light, so one worker could move the lift from one place to another place easily. And one man electric lift dimension is small, worker move the lift in/out door easily.

Single man lift price is up to lift height, load capacity 100kg or 150kg, and the lift safety. Different hydraulic one man lift manufacturer design the lift is not the same, so the price is big difference. One man lift from Morn for sale with six support legs, many other manufacturer produce the aluminum lift with four support legs.
mast lift put leg
All the single man lift for sale the platform is skidproof, guarantee the worker safety. And around platform with 1100mm handrail. This design is according to CE standard.
mast lift platform

Latest vertical mast lift,as one kind mobile man lift using the strongest materials, made of high strength aluminium alloy, its main feature is with a high strength, good accuracy. Generally the lift is used to carry large amount of larger construction process. Can carry a huge amount of goods, but does not affect flexibility, construction convenience.Mainly used in buildings, factories, hotels, airports, and so on. Also can be used to electic power and pipeline construction.


Three-mast lift

The kind of lift can support more people jobs, its legs are strong, are excellent cargo platform. Its stable performance make user like. When you do decorating, cleaning, installing led lights, it will be the best lift for you.

Four-mast lift

This lifts have four masts to ensure its stability.
It is often used for hotels, buildings, plant maintenance and other industries.
There are also auxiliary column lifts, mainly play a supporting role.
Contact sinolifter if this lift meet you.Our engineer team could supply you perfect lift solution.

A.We got feedback pictures of 8m mobile vertical lift from our UK client last week.The customer made the order two months ago. And the main parameters of the lift is: platform height is 8m, max.working height is 10m, load capacity is 200kg, platform size is 1450*600mm, and self-weight is 580kg. Our customer use the lift at his building material industry. He is so satisfied with the mobile lift table.


This kind of portable man lift is made up of high grade aluminum profile. Lightweight design allow it to be easily transported by s single person, and can enter narrow and small area, beautiful structure. It is widely used for the equipment installation and maintenance at the workshop, warehouse, granary, bus/railway station and so on. About the travel height of the two mast small lift, we could provide 8-14m for your choice.

Nowadays, more and more customers choose MORN. We have top quality product and good after-sale service, we are always try the best to meet your requirements. If you are interested in our hydraulic lift, pls feel free to contact us.

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