single mast lift

Working height: 6.7m, 8.2m, 9.8m, 11.2m, 12.4m, 14m

Load Capacity: 120kg/136kg/150kg

Power supply: AC/DC/Dual Power

Working height: 8m, 9.5m, 11m

Load Capacity: 125kg/150kg/200kg

Drive mode: Battery

Working height: 10m,12m,14m,16m,18m

Load Capacity: 150kg/200kg/250kg

Power supply: AC/DC/Dual Power

Working height: 14m,16m,18m,20m

Load Capacity: 200kg/250kg

Moving mode: Battery Assist

Working height: 18m, 20m, 22m,24m

Load Capacity: 150kg

Moving mode: Battery Assist


1.What Is a Man Lift?

As indicated by OSHA, a man lift, another name for personnel lifts, is a revolving device consisting of a power-driven endless belt that moves in one direction. Man lifts are intended to convey laborers from floor to floor in a protected and productive way, frequently used in parking structures and building destinations.

Working at heights may be dangerous when using ladders or makeshift scaffolding. If your work involves installations, repairs, maintenance or cleaning at heights, a man lift, or personnel lift is the best solution.

2.What Are The Features Of a Personnel Lift?

Personnel lifts are a convenient solution for all types of various aerial work functions. They are the cost-effective means for completing work on time and on budget, with features and advantages as below:

  • Easy to transport
  • Convenient to load
  • Fit through standard doorways and narrow aisles
  • Innovative controls and maintenance-free components
  • The lightweight alternative to heavy boom lifts, scissor lifts and other access equipment
  • MORN LIFT man lifts are suitable for one or two persons and their tools/equipment
  • Safety-first work performed at heights without the need for ladders or scaffolding

3.How High Does a Man Lift Go?

Man lifts available at MORN LIFT are useful for a huge variety of jobs at heights ranging from 3 meters to 22 meters.

4.Why Choose MORN LIFT For Aerial Lifts?

MORN LIFT is the leading access equipment specialists offering price our competitors can’t match.

We provide safety standard guarantee, 24/7 online service, and fast delivery. At MORN LIFT, we take pride in our products that help you get the job done right.

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