Technical Service & Support

​​Pre-Sales Service & Support During
Production & After-Sales Service

Pre-Sales Service

Our team of customer advisors is there to offer recommendations on and consultation about our machinery before you make your order.
For customers who require modifications to their equipment and machinery, our expert engineers are on hand and will provide detailed blueprints of your bespoke machines.
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Support During Production

We are sticklers for quality control and assurance. Every single step of our machinery’s production is closely monitored, and absolutely no defected models are allowed to go to market.
After you have made your order and your machines have been produced, they are thoroughly tested. Photos and sometimes videos are taken and then sent to you for confirmation before the products are shipped.
We can pre-install some of the goods lift models that require on-site installation. This pre-installation ensures that machinery parts will perfectly fit the location for which they are destined.

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After-Sales Service

Once your product has arrived, our After-Sales Department will contact you for followup service.
If you have ordered a custom model with us, we will send you detailed drawings of the machine along with assembly and installation manuals to ensure setup is as smooth as possible. Our customers love these clear instructions; just follow the steps within the manual and our attached drawings to assemble and install the machines by yourself.

If you have any questions about operating our lift, pls send email to us, we will reply to you within 2 hours
once received.
If anything urgent, pls call us directly by +86-531-55572830, we will be here 8:00-19:00(Beijing time).

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