Electric Scissor Lift 1


Working Height: 7.8m-15.8m



Electric scissor lift, powered by battery, can walk on its own. Electric scissor lifts have longer runtimes and promote quieter working environments. The operator can move under working conditions at heights and complete up and down, forward, backward, steering and other tasks on the operating platform in the air. Electric scissor lifts greatly save man labor and working time.

  • Suitable for large-scale and high-altitude operations in places like stations, terminals, airports, power plants, stadiums, etc.
  • Automatic walking function; no external power supply or power traction is needed; only one person is needed to operate and move the machine flexibly.
  • The guardrail can be extended horizontally to expand the working range.
  • Suitable for high-altitude working environment on indoor flat ground and high-altitude working environment on outdoor complex road conditions.
  • The lifting platform and the chassis are provided with an operation control system and an emergency stop button respectively, and the machine is safe to operate.

Electric Scissor Lift Parameters

Max Working Height7.80m7.80m9.80m9.80m11.80m13.80m15.80m
Max Platform Height5.80m5.80m7.80m7.80m9.80m11.80m13.80m
Platform Dimensions (L*W*H)1.67*0.74*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.3*0.81*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.3*1.15*1.1m2.64*1.13*1.1m
Length/Load of Extended Platform0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg0.9m/113kg
Max Load Capacity230kg320kg230kg320kg320kg320kg230kg
Machine Weight1500kg2000kg2150kg2100kg2750kg2950kg3900kg
Driving Speed (Stowed)3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h3.5km/h
Driving Speed (Raised)0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h
Battery Power24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/200Ah24V/270Ah
Pump Motor Power24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw24V/4.5kw

Electric Scissor Lift Details

platform guardrail folding device

The platform guardrails can be folded by pulling out this bolt, making it easy for storage and transportation.

platform control panel

The platform control panel can precisely control the driving of the machine, the lifting and lowering of platform.

ground control panel

There are Emergency Stop Buttons on both platform control panel and ground control panel, to ensure safety.


Non-marking solid tires are ideal for indoor use and won’t cause damage to the floor. They have smooth mobility.

power switch

Overall power switch (red) controls the power of the whole machine. Press it and the machine will stop working.

hydraulic system

The well designed hydraulic system provides strong power for scissor structure and guarantees work stability.

tilting alarming system

Tilt Alarming System will work if the gradeability exceeds 3◦, which can prevent the machine from tilting.

indicating light

The working indicating light can show that whether the machine can work normally, to help diagnose faults.

Electric Scissor Lift 2

The neatly arranged battery group has longer endurance and is configured with charging protection system.

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