MObile scissor lift

WORKING HEIGHT: 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 16m, 18m

Mobile Scissor Lifts 1


MORNLIFT mobile scissor lift, also called towable scissor lift, is especially built for aerial work with efficiency and productivity. The scissor lift is popular for space restricted applications. Operators easily maneuver around tight indoor and outdoor worksites, and perform cleaning, maintenance, installation, construction tasks and so on.

door on platform
Door On Platform
Door, easy to open and close, strong and safe when closing. Non-slip cardamom board on the platform.
Strong Scissor Structure
Strong Scissor Structure
High stability scissor structure. Much stronger material Q345.
Mobile Scissor Lifts 3
Control Panel
It is easy and convenient to operate it by control box on the ground and controller on the basket.
Strong Outrigger
Strong Outrigger
Open the strong outriggers to ensure safety before operate. It can be stretched out and drawn back.
mobile scissor lift
Attachable Guide Railes
Strong basket fixed on the platform to ensure safety of operator. Plastic spraying paint to make rust protection better.
Attachable Guide Railes
Level Indicator
To ensure safety before lifting up,when the bubble in the middle, It means ok to lift after the outriggers being opened.
Level Indicator
Total Power Switch
Alternate current power & Battery power optional. Professional charging and total power switch.
Total Power Switch
Strong Solid Wheels
Strong solid wheels with much more safety are much better for moving on ground, which are pneumatic.
Strong Solid Wheels
  • Save manpower and material resources.
  • Emergency stop and manual descent can guarantee safety.
  • The legs and counter rails aresafe, removable and easy to store heavy load capacity.
  • Safety guarantee (overload alarm setting, tilt alarm setting level, etc.).
  • Multiple power types, suitablefor different work scenarios.
  • The support legs are stable, convenient for lifting and moving.



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    Working height: 8.2m, 10m, 11.9m, 13.8m, 16m
    Drive mode:  Battery
    Driving speed: 3.4km/h
    Able to move under working conditions
    Working height: 12m, 14m, 15m,18m
    Drive mode: Diesel engine
    Driving speed: 6.3 km/h
    Wide work platform and high load capacity
    Working height: 6.5m, 8m, 10m, 14m
    Drive mode: Battery
    Better for rough and muddy road applications
    Working height: 9m, 11m, 13m,15m
    Load capacity: 500kg/300kg
    Working height: 3.8m, 5m, 5.9m 6.8m
    Load capacity: 300kg/200kg
    Small size, easy to move, easy to enter elevator, for indoor operations