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MORN LIFT mobile scissor lift, also called towable scissor lift or scissor man lift, is especially built for man aerial working tasks with exceptional mobility, efficiency and productivity. Charactered with low vioice level, the scissor lift provide excellent capacity, large platform workspace. 

This scissor man lift is populor for space restricted applications. Operators easily maneuver around tight indoor and outdoor worksites, and perform cleaning, maintenance, installation, construction tasks and so on. 

With either AC, DC or dual power drive system, those scissor man lifts deliver long-lasting performance for a more productive day. DC or dual power drive system offers productive power for getting around indoor jobsites with quiet, zero-emissions operation.

Get more uptime, less recharging and increase productivity with MORN LIFT  scissor lifts Today!

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mobile scissor lift application
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mobile scissor lift application
mobile scissor lift application

High Grade Parts Ensure High Quality of MOBILE SCISSOR LIFT

All the parts we use are first-class quality and well-known brands. The parts are a standard model with item code, which are very convenient to be replaced. Delivery is also fast for parts.


Video Show: How to Operate the Trailing Scissor Lift from MORNLIFT?

1. How to Operate the Trailing Scissor Lift from MORNLIFT? Mobile scissor lift is moved by people …


Mobile scissor lift usually used outdoor for maintaining and paining working. In order to keep the
scissor lift working safety, some key points from Morn scissor lift manufacturer as follows

1.Flat ground during scissor lift work outdoor. And ground is solid, avoid the ground subside.

2. Open the support legs and check the level gauge. Confirm the four support legs catch the
ground tightly, it will keep scissor lift working safety.

3. Prohibit overload.

4. Confirm the weather is suitable for mobile scissor lift working, more than three-level wind,
please use the safety rope.
Every lift from Morn, please kindly take care of the warning mark.

mobile scissor lift warning marking

Mobile scissor lift and mobile aluminum mast lift are both one man lift for vertical works. Let’s
learn the differences between the 2 kinds of lifts. Then you could have a clean and wise buying

Mobile scissor lift: goods & people

a. Standard load 500kg, platform height from ground 3-18meters

b. Platform size bigger, equipment weight is heavier

Mobile aluminum mast lift: people only

a. Single mast 3-10m height, load 100kg, 1 man only

Double mast 8-14m height, load 200kg, 2 man max.

b. Smaller platform size, compact and lighter in weight

Compare and options:

1. When the client needs an economical product, or need load capacity more than 200kg, but do not have special requirements on the machine size, the mobile scissor lift is the best choice.
2. When the client needs a more compact and lighter lift, do not require heavy load capacity, aluminum mast lift is a good choice.

A summer day when the air temperatures up to 30-40 degrees, wind and sun, showers, a lot of scissor lift is in outdoor work, so in the summer faced the test can imagine. So how should we do in summer scissor lift maintenance work?

1. Surface waxing
Summer scissor lift body paint surface, in the hot sun, will accelerate the aging,
fading or even fall off. Thus, the owner of the summer should focus on doing paint protection
against oxidation corrosion paint. Car owners first need to clean, dirty and observe whether there
is obvious paint scratches, paint by hand, if necessary friction, to see whether smooth. Under
normal circumstances, the paint becomes old, minor scratches and other issues, the available local polishing sandpaper grinding, polishing, and the whole car waxing, sealing glaze, coating and other processing. In particular finish sealing glaze car, like having a layer of the cloak hood on a vehicle body, no longer afraid of ultraviolet radiation and acid-base, sand erosion.

2. Engine cooling
The engine is the core of scissor lift, for use in summer a little longer, it is easy to cause the engine to overheat, when engine overheating occurs, we should determine decisively and quickly disposed of, summarized the following manner: (1) Determine whether there is cooling water, or water completely out of the water (2)In addition to completely out of the water, “dry”, but can not immediately turn off (3)With irrigated radiators, non-twist water cover (4)Should be thoroughly dry additional disposal.

3. The security personnel considerations:
Personnel working in the scissor lift platform at high temperatures need to be a comfortable
the environment will have to maintain the normal operation of air inside the lift but also posted
again for the professional solar film lift glass to prevent an excessive ultraviolet incident, allowing the scissor lift driver and passenger remain relatively comfortable state, with a clear mind driving a lift, so it is possible to avoid a series of man-made accidents; at the same time a large amount of summer rain, the wipers is particularly important and must be carefully examined promptly replaced.

4. The tire of protection:
High summer temperatures, tire pressure will continue to rise, a pincture is easily happened while speeding, overloading or emergency brake is easy to cause a puncture. Therefore, due to lower tire pressure, tire change or to charge more stable physical properties is difficult to use expanded or deflated helium cooling down approach, although this method is not favorable for a long time with it, after all the safety and ongoing work is the first one.
Some described above which are most frequently encountered in the summer and should be done in advance to prepare several jobs, hot summer work can not be the blind pursuit of speed, suggesting: safety first, should pay attention to the problem must be cafully.

Mobile scissor lift platform can raise two persons with some tools to the height needed. Work
height ranges from 4m to 20m. It is used for house proof cleaning and maintains, and workshop
installation and so on. This unit is vertical lift type, moved around by manual labor or trailer.
We have AC power, diesel engine, and battery power for optional. We delivered 6 sets mobile man lift for Vietnam customer last week.

We update the mobile aerial work platform recently.

1. Before using, pls open switch (picture “1”). And the lifter works.

mobile scissor lift switch

2. It is with coulombmeter (like the picture “2”), when the pointer in the red areas, pls charge scissor lift power box

Aerial working platform can be used for maintenance, installation, painting or others. When we using
the lifter, we need to notice the routine maintenance of scissor man lift.

1, Aerial work platform through after 200 hours of operation, replace the hydraulic oil and clean the
tank, replace the filter. Under normal circumstances, pls clean oil box once every six months,
using the occasion in more sand dust, oil change intervals should be shortened as appropriate.

2, The hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil must be kept clean at a constant temperature of 0-40 ℃
areas, usually using ordinary HL-N46 hydraulic oil. On the temperature difference between the
relatively large area, low-temperature hydraulic oil is recommended for winter use.

3, Self-propelled scissor lift after initial use or the use of long-term storage, so that the
agencies should load repeated action several times to exhaust air in the hydraulic system, tubing
joints can loosen the emission of air, if necessary, and then put the connector and tighten.

4, The relief valve adjustment It is set to vent pressure relief valve of the hydraulic system of
16MPa, when the system pressure fluctuations or foreign objects stuck relief valve core, the relief
valve must be cleaned to adjust, under normal circumstances, Panasonic relief valve plug guard,
increasing pressure from right-handed plug system with a flat, whereas the pressure, is reduced,
such as stuck, shall release the plug completely, pour the spool and spring cleaning and seat
together, and then re-install and adjust the pressure to the predetermined value.

5, The adjustment of spill valve In the course of scissor structure movements, such as the
the emergence of too fast or too slow can be achieved by adjusting the spill valve so that the lifter
movements smooth, twist the plug clockwise to reduce speed, and vice versa counterclockwise to
increase speed, tone and tighten after and cap.

6, Regularly check the oil line hard pipe, hose without abnormal deformation damage, all fittings
and operating valve interface leaks oil, found the problem promptly.

7, Each of the platform relative to the moving parts, should be strictly in accordance with the
requirements lubricated.

8, Electric scissor lift should be parked in the garage, the open place should cover tarps. When the
platform is not used for a long time, should be kept sealed. And check once a month, according to
the provisions of the tires, every month there should be a platform no-load operation and check
the operation of the agencies, identify problems in time.

9, Lubrication of the periodic table
Daily or refueling Check the parts are good or bad

Check hydraulic oil level and color
Every 250 hours or 3 months Change lubricating oil

Check cylinders
Every 500 hours or 6 months Check tubes, pipes, and valve
Every 1000 hours or 1-year Change hydraulic oil

Grease rotation bearing and wear pads
Every 2000 hours or 2 years Check hydraulic tank, lid, and vent
Note: Maintain the chassis according to the chassis’ service manual

Recently, the mobile scissor lift is very popular, which is mainly used for maintenance, painting, cleaning and so on. We have three kind power is for optional, electricity, battery, and diesel engine, according to your requirement, we can recommend suitable for you.

When you operate the lifter, some matters need attention. The information is as follows:

1 During working, the working table should maintain horizontal and strut fork group is perpendicular to the earth

2 Working in the open air, platform work height greater than or equal to 16 meters or sharp greater than or equal to the 5-level wind, the platform should take safety rope.

3 In the course of working, climbing is strictly prohibited.

4 Legs not staying in jail, working is prohibited.

5 The platform not falling back to the original height, the movement is prohibited.

6 Non-Super high and non-Super load operation.

7 Prohibit the movement of goods in the course of platform lifting when loading goods.

8 Prohibit moving and wobbling in the course of platform lifting when loading persons.

9 Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and must not be mixed with water and other impurities.

10 When the platform fails to work, you should promptly cut off the power source.

11 Sick equipment operation is prohibited. Non-professional person shall not remove, adjust the
hydraulic valve block and electrical components.

12 When device requires maintenance, it should be carried out after the platform raising.

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