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The mobile loading ramp is different from others by its distinct characteristic. People can load and unload cargo from the container more easily by using dock ramps. And the forklifts can go up and down safely. MORN dock ramps are exported to the United States, France, Italy, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, Belgium and so on, more than 150 countries.


loading dock lift application
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loading dock lift application

High Grade Parts Ensure High Quality of LOADING DOCK RAMP

All the parts we use are first-class quality and well-known brands. The parts are a standard model with item code, which is very convenient to replace. Delivery is also fast for parts.


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loading dock lift control box

Adding the electric control system can help with more easily adjusting the ramp height.


Container ramp is the best tool for loading/unloading cargoes from container or truck. But how to operate it? It is very easy to do. Just follow the steps.

1. Press the hand shank to lift it up to the floor of the vehicle.

2. The vehicle is in place.

3. Loosen the oil return valve and it climbs down. Make sure that the lip board of loading ramp smoothly laps joint from a vehicle in the tail.

4. Begin to work.

5.After working, loosen the fixed chains, press the hand shank to lift it up, the vehicle is driven away and the dock leveler loading ramp detail parts

There are many situations where it is impractical or even impossible to install a loading bay at all, let alone one that is appropriate to the variety of vehicles and heights common to a busy loading/unloading operation.

In these situations, a container dock ramp is an ideal solution.

1.Special auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading of goods rapidly.

2.Fully hydraulic operation.

3. Lift cylinder position provides a mechanical advantage and maximum support during a fail-safe situation.

4. Could be operated by a single person easily, so it economizes on manpower and improves work efficiency.

Mobile dock ramp is widely used in the wharf, the factory, warehouse and also according to the different needs of users in the physical dimension and load-bearing.

Recently mobile dock ramp is becoming more and more popular in warehouse, wharf, logistics center, factory, and other working places, it can save much labor force and improve work efficiency.

However, there is another problem following, one 40ft container can load 2 units a time due to the large dimensions(11m*2.08m*1.3m), so many customers have to stop the order due to the high shipping cost.

Providing this, our engineers have been designing a new type for easy shipment as below.

The joint ramp consists of three parts, each part can be assembled and disassembled easily.

1. Total dimensions: 4558mm+3504mm+3000mm

2. Self-weight:

Part 1: 840kg

Part 2: 855kg

Part 3: 970kg

3. The angle of inclination≤9°

4. Load capacity: 6500kg

5. Self height: 1270mm

6. Guardrail: 200mm

8.Working range: 1300-1700mmMobile Loading Dock Ramp 21Mobile Loading Dock Ramp 23

In order to improve the loading and unloading cargoes, many people select the dock ramp for loading cargoes to truck or container. Why some supplier supply the lower price, and why some suppliers quoted a higher price, which one is better, are you still confused? Our mobile dock ramp advantage as follows:

1. Block before and back from the solid tire, it will prevent the mobile dock move during working, which protects the cargoes and forklift during loading/unloading cargoes.

2. Solid tire, tire of all the dock ramp from our company are solid kind. If the air kind, the ramp after loading, the tire may be burst.

mobile loading ramp detail parts

3. Lift chain, the chain will be contacted on the truck, it will be fixed the ramp well.

4.Trailing device, if you would not like tow the ramp by hand, we could trail the ramp by truck, and the trailing device is loading ramp detail parts

MORN is the lead manufacturer of hydraulic lift, recently dock ramp is on the hot sale now. Many customers choose the supplier only focus on the price. Product is simply, only one ramp. No need quality. And MORN will tell you our ideas for your reference.

1. Incline Ramp, if these parts are short, forklift up to ramp is not easy, because of the big grade. Morn mobile dock ramp incline ramp is 8500mm. Forklift easy grade up.

2. Platform: After forlift up to ramp top height and stop, if the platform is short, the forklift is not easy parking. Mobile dock leveler platform length is 2.5m.

3. Steel grid mesh: To guarantee the platform use life longer. Mobile dock ramp load capacity more than 10t, the mesh needs to be solid kind, have you paid attention to it?

4. Fixed chain: During forlift working, the ramp may be move small, how to fixed the ramp well?
MORN engineers design Chain and fixed it on the truck. During forklift working, don’t worry about the ramp move.

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