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Scissor Lift Tables for Loading & Offloading

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Scissor Lift Table

A scissor lift table is a type of lifting equipment that is used to raise and lower heavy loads. It consists of a platform that is supported by a series of crisscrossing metal arms (resembling a scissor) that can be extended or retracted to adjust the height of the platform. The scissor lift platform is typically operated by a hydraulic or electric motor, and can be used to lift loads of varying sizes and weights. Hydraulic stationary scissor lift tables are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings to move heavy equipment or materials to different levels or workstations.

Scissor lift tables are used for lifting and lowering goods at required heights in safe conditions for the operator. Main components are the top platform, the lower frame, the scissor system activated by one or more cylinders and hydraulic motor. This warehouse lifting equipment have become a commonly used type of equipment in many industries. In many cases, they represent the best solution for the manual load handling, in full observance of the safety standards with regards to functioning, cost-saving, safety and health of operators during work.


  • IP65 grade control panel controls the lifting and lowering of platform with good performance and precision.
  • Highly efficient hydraulic power unit has great working pressure and no risk of leakage.
  • Heavy workload hydraulic cylinder system provides smooth performance and long service time.
  • Water-proof electric control box provides 24V safety operate voltage. Emergency button and fault buzzer are installed on the box.
  • Anti-explosion electromagnetic valve can prevent oil leakage if hydraulic pipe is broken. Also it can protect the platform from falling down.

Scissor Lift Tables For Sale

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Custom scissor lift solutions and free 3D design drawings are available for your specified work requirements.

3D Design Samples of Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

A right industrial lift or hydraulic lift machine can be a good helper to save your money and labor. MORN LIFT hydraulic lifting equipment comes in a variety of types and models which can be customized based on your load capacity, lifting height, and installation size. Below is some design samples of scissor lift tables for your reference.

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Scissor Lift Tables Application

Hydraulic scissor lift tables are widely installed in factory production lines, warehouses, ports, loading docks, 4S stores, workshops, etc. MORN LIFT industrial lift tables are available in a variety of capacities and sizes with standard or custom designs. Designed to lift anything from pallets or crates to large industrial equipment, our lift tables come from many types: custom scissor lifts, heavy-duty versions, mini scissor lift tables, low profile lift tables, rotating lift tables and car scissor lifts. Browse our available options to find the right scissor lift table for your application!

scissor lift table from MORN LIFT (1)
scissor lift table from MORN LIFT (2)
scissor lift table from MORN LIFT (3)
scissor lift table from MORN LIFT
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Scissor Lift FAQ

A car scissor lift can be fixed on ground level or into a pit. The pit can decrease the height of lift so keep it level with the floor so that the user can drive the car smoothly. How to construct the pit? Here are some guidelines to follow:

The bottom of the pit should be at the same level when pouring cement. Unevenness should be less than 5mm and the thickness of concrete should not be less than 300mm.
Each embedded part should be welded and bolted before putting at each quadrangle of the bottom.
The diagonal of a pit bottom should be the same as the pithead. Walls should be kept orthogonal to each other. If not, there will be a problem of putting the lift into the pit.
Please put one conduit to protect the electric line that connects lift and local power supply.
If the foundation is wet, make it moisture-proof. If water comes through the pit, make a drain to avoid corrosion to the lift.
If the foundation is soft, add a reinforcement cage in the concrete.
Edge of the pit should be edged by an angle iron accordingly to the user’s needs.
Remarks: About the size of the pit, please check this drawing. This drawing has basic data. Building code should be according to local standards of building trades.

We will provide a pit drawing for your installation when we deliver a lift to you. Attached is one model for your reference.

Model: SSL3.0-3.5

Lift height is 3.5m
Rated capacity is 3.0t
Platform size is 5.5*2.5m
Self height is 810mm
Pit drawing:

scissor lift pit

When buying a lift platform, please consider the following factors;

-Quality of a lift platform

-Lift working frequency

– Scope of use and rated capacity

Usually, lifts have several models such as stationary, scissor structure, mobile lift, hydraulic lift, vertical lift, boom lift. You need to choose the most suitable model that will cater to your needs, with a wide range of application and is multi-functional machine

Quality of Scissor lifts

Some lift manufacturers have a bad habit of producing low-quality lifts in order to save the costs of manufacturing. The service life and safety of such lifts will be bad. When you decide to purchase a scissor lift, go for a good quality even if it will cost you more so that it can be durable.

After-sales service

Market research is paramount in order to know more about a lift manufacturer. Ensure you check the supplier’s credibility, if after-sales service is good and if there are contracts.

When selecting lift suppliers, do not only check their reputation but also pay attention to their after-sales service.

Confirm if the product’s features are complete, performance is good, complete security configurations are ok, prices are reasonable and after-sale service is good.

Finally, when the lift that you ordered arrives, open the box and do full inspections. Check its technical data, brochures, certificate documents, and accessories. Check whether the features are consistent with the list in the annex.

Also, let professional technicians check the equipment and accessories for damage and defects. Fill the document of acceptance to avoid cases of returns which leads to unnecessary disputes.

Contact us before you buy a lift, our lift engineer team is capable of giving you a perfect lift solution.

Hydraulic lifts are widely used in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institution; anywhere that products or supplies need to move from one level to another.

Guide rail lift provides fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, balconies, basements, and any levels in the multi-storied building.

The freight elevator can be installed indoors and outdoors. Hydraulic goods elevator not only have all safety device of the traditional elevator but also have the following special system:

Spillover valve – it can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up.

Manual emergency valve – it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when facing an emergency.

Manual pump – it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when an emergency occurs.

Pipe fracture valve – when the hydraulic system pipe fracture, it can cut down the channel of the oil to stop falling.

Even though it is widely used in modern construction, it has a huge size and heavyweight so its safety performance requirements are very high in the construction. Steel wire rope of the hydraulic lifts has stringent requirements. General requirements for safety rope fall under 4 specific areas.

Replace the worn-out wire rope. Wire rope drawn from the reel or roll rope should be replaced in order to prevent kink, bend or stick on debris. Truncation bit off both sides of the rope should be knotted securely to prevent after cutting loose strands.
Do not overload the lift. You should install overload limiter or torque limiter, and try to avoid using the sudden shock and vibration. It should also be installed from the ceiling position to prevent excessive volume to pull off the rope.
When the rope has friction with certain parts of the machine, protection measures should be put in place to avoid worn out of the rope.
The new rope should be replaced with the same type of original installation of the rope. It should be the same size. If you use a different type, ensure that the new rope is not performing less than the old rope and can match with the drum and pulley groove.
Rope twist should be consistent with the direction of the spiral groove rope reel and a single winding rope guide should be set up for easy operation of the lift.

Hydraulic lift platforms have gained immense popularity for their high power density. Scissor lift manufacturers can be differentiated by their lift making process and quality. Below is the lift making process of Morn and other manufacturers.

Rust removal

Good scissor lift manufacturers are supposed to thoroughly remove rust and achieve a certain degree of rough surface on steel. This makes the process of painting easier and paintings will not easily come out.

-Rust removal improves the adhesive power of a steel surface, increases the fatigue and corrosion resistance ability thus extending the service of a lift.

-The rust removal grade should be equivalent to Swedish rust removal standard Level Four.rust removel

Anti-static plastic spraying painting advantage:

Anti-static plastic spraying painting improves the appearance and quality of a scissor lift. The surface coating of a metal that has been sprayed has outstanding qualities of being sturdy, durable, is acid and alkali-resistant than normal oil painting.

The coating also has high performances. For instance, a lift that has been sprayed is mildew proof, salt fog proof and has insulating properties.

Uniform painting increases adhesive power and this extends the scissor lift’s life span. The appearance of a lift is improved after spraying painting.

A lift gains hardness after painting which makes it easy to install and assemble a lift. This will make the scissor lift less likely to be scratched when in operation.

The plastic spraying painting is environmentally friendly. It has no health risk to operating workers or painters.
A scissor lift that has been painted is easy to clean.

scissor lift get painting

We are the professional scissor lift manufacturer in northern China. We have sold tons of  electric scissor lifts to Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand, and so on.

The lifts are mainly used for loading/unloading goods from the ground to different levels.

When our customer receives the stationary scissor lift, they usually ask us how to install it. Keep reading to know-how.

1. Check before installation
Check the following before installing your stationary scissor lift. Check if pit size is the same as in the design, check if pit wall is vertical and the bottom is balanced. Check if the pit and hole of the 2nd floor are vertical. When all requirements are met, begin to install!

2. Put the lift table into the pit, using the hoisting hook (as drawing below). In the hoisting process, you must take care not to bump into the platform, and not inclined to prevent the hydraulic oil spill.scissor lift detail show

3. After the platform is in place, check whether the level of the platform is inclined. If inclined, please fix the bottom of the adjustment plate, and then check whether the platform is in the center of the pit. The edge of the platform space should be uniform with the wall.

4. After the platform is put in position, now you can do welding. Ensure the base frame and the bedplate are firm after welding.

5.This is our guide Installation (in the drawing below)

scissor lift detail show

1. Examine and maintain the lift weekly or once a month according to the operating frequencies of the lift.

(1) Check the platform connection pin nuts to make sure they are tight and intact.

(2) Check the hydraulic tubing to ensure that it has not ruptured and connectors have no leakage and are not loose.

(3) Check regularly to make sure that the power lines are connected well and there is no bareness on them.

(4) Make sure that all joint of controlling box are not loose and the light is working properly.

(5) Ensure you check the electrical regularly, hydraulic valves block, the control handle and the button can be operated easily and are flexible.

(6) Make sure that the up-down limit switch is working the way it is supposed to.

(7) Ensure that the lubrication state of strut and cylinder pin roll is good and if not, be putting enough oil.

(8) Maintain a smooth glide path that is required in lubrication, dry friction between the wheel and the Slide is forbidden.

(9) Keep the pit clean and dry; do not have any moisture and other impurities.

Scissor lift going up

When you switch on the power source, the lamp with the “stop” button on the control box will shine. Then push the “up” button and the platform will rise to the highest position. After, the limit switch will work to shut off the power source, and the platform will stop.

Scissor lift going down

When you push the “down” button, the solenoid valve will start to work, and the valve core will open, so the platform will dropdown. In the course of dropping down, it can be stopped at any height by pushing the “stop” button.

When it falls down to the required height, the limit switch will start to work and this will shut off the power source, so the platform can stop working.

1. What is a scissor lift?

Scissor lift has a scissor structure, which can extend and shrink powered by a hydraulic system.

It is widely used in warehouse, factory, hospital, airport, hotel and many other places that require carrying goods, maintenance and installation.

We have mobile and stationary lifts and they can be customized according to your needs and preferences.

2.Scissor lift pictures

When buying a scissor lift, make sure that the photos provided by your manufacturer are clear. Take time to study them.

The first impression is very important. A professional lift supplier will not offer you bad quality photos.

3.Scissor lift certification

CE certification is necessary. You have to check the scissor lift certification from your suppliers to make sure they are certified to manufacture or supply lifts.

4.Scissor lift repair

Scissor lift maintenance and repair shouldn’t be ignored as this will prolong the service of the lift. Morn lift manufacturer does provide spare parts for free (including shipping cost) within warranty and provide all-life long technical support including online and telephone service.

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