Adequate safety devices are one of the considerations that draw great attention from engineers and designers of hydraulic stationary scissor lift platforms. It is those safety devices that affect the safe operation of stationary scissor lift platforms and purchasing decision of purchasers to some extent.

To deeply know the structure of the stationary scissor lift and to achieve safe operation and application, safety devices of scissor lift should be learned and used rightly. Generally, there are 4 major safety devices configured in the stationary scissor lift.

stationary scissor lift

1. Safety Trip Bar

Safety trip bar is a square structure which is installed under the platform and painted with brighter color. When the platform touches people or something else during the lowering process, it will stop the lowering on touching the man or objects, which can prevent the platform from falling down on people or causing accidents.

safety trip bar

2. Overload Warning Device

Stationary goods scissor lift is a customizable lift equipment whose platform size, lifting height and loading capacity can all be customized according to individual work requirement. Overloading not only can severely influence the performance and efficiency of the stationary scissor lift platform, but also can result in accidents and injuries. When the platform overloads goods, the overloading warning device will raise the alarm to warn workers not to load too heavy goods.

overload warning

3. Maintenance Support Bar

When the platform goes wrong, maintenance support bar can be used to support the platform plate so that maintenance performers have a safe way to conduct inspections and maintenance work.

Maintenance Support Bar

4. Safety Dust Cover

This is adopted mainly to protect the scissor structure of stationary scissor lift from dust. It can also avoid accidents and injuries produced by the scissor structure, especially in production lines where workers need to stay very close to the scissor structure. Besides, safety dust cover gives a beautiful appearance to the scissor lift.

scissor lift dust cover

These 4 safety devices are not standard configurations provided by stationary scissor lift manufacturers. So you need to choose them as per personal need.