How to use a mobile scissor lift

The mobile lift adopts external power for traction and three-phase power supply or diesel engine for power. It is convenient and quick to move and suitable for long-distance operations. It is mainly used for field high-altitude operations in petroleum, electric power, urban construction, post and telecommunications industries.

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Hydraulic lift platform feature

Product features

◆Inching control lift, the platform up and down bidirectional control lift;

◆Manually drag and walk, 2 universal wheels, 2 fixed wheels, make moving and turning more

Convenient and lightweight;

+The guardrail on the working platform is a removable and removable guardrail;

◆The control voltage is DC24V, which effectively guarantees the safety of operators;

◆Electrical control box with rainproof design;

◆Emergency stop buttons are installed on the upper and lower parts of the working platform to ensure operation and user

Personnel safety;

◆The lifting platform has a self-locking function in the event of a power failure or sudden power failure;

The system is equipped with an emergency lowering valve. When the lift table is working suddenly cut off, you can use

This device makes the lifting platform fall safely;

◆Four telescopic support legs are installed on the chassis, which can effectively ensure the lift during use.

The stability of the downgrade;

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Method of application

The first step is to open the outriggers: In order to ensure the safe operation of the mobile scissor lift, the mobile lift is generally equipped with four fixed outriggers. All outriggers should be opened before use (when inserting the outriggers, insert the outriggers into the ground No less than 200mm in the casing), rotate the four leg screw handles to make each leg tightly support the ground. The hydraulic lift is mainly through the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil to achieve the function of lifting. Its shear fork mechanical structure enables the lift to have a higher stability, a large working platform and a higher load-bearing capacity, so that the aerial work range is more Large, and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer.

The second step is to adjust the level: adjust the four lead screws to make the supporting feet firmly support the ground, and adjust the level with a spirit level.

The third step is to inspect the chain system: carefully check the operating status of the chain system before starting the elevator, and adjust if necessary to make each chain evenly tightened, lock it with a spare mother, lubricate each part of the chain, and refill the sprocket A little No. 20 oil; people stand on the ground and press the up and down buttons to check the operation of the machine to see if the chain is disengaged from the sprocket, and to see if the sprocket support plate is loose. The development of mobile elevators is at a peak. In order to improve the utilization rate of the site, most manufacturers or individuals choose more multi-storey buildings. Therefore, a device is needed to facilitate the lifting and lowering of goods.

The fourth step is to inspect the fuel tank: check whether there is enough hydraulic oil in the fuel tank before starting the machine. If it is found to be insufficient, it should be refilled in time. Mobile elevators are not suitable for loading tens of tons or hundreds of tons of goods due to the high cost and low carrying capacity of ordinary elevators. Therefore, hydraulic elevators with high carrying capacity have been developed to assist production and cargo transportation. The elevator is safe, has a large load capacity, and is easy to maintain, which makes this special industry develop faster.

Mobile scissor lifts and lifting platforms are high-altitude operation equipment, and climbing operations are dangerous. In order to ensure the safety of your personnel and finances, please strictly follow the operating regulations of the lifting platform for construction and use.