Founded in 1999, MORN LIFT has developed a series of product lines to solve the cargo lifting problems, including cargo lift series, stationary scissor lift series, four post car lift, loading and unloading equipment, etc. According to the principle of “Provider of best solution, not just the products”, MORN LIFT serves over 100 countries and gains the support from the clients all over the world.

Advantages of cargo MORN LIFT cargo lifting:

According to the different needs of clients, there are several series lifts that can meet the different demands, with senior engineers and over 20 sales that can contact with clients directly and provide the best customization solution for each one. Independent factories ensure product quality for safety, durability.

1: Cargo lift series:

2 post cargo lift or 4 post cargo lift, which is fast, efficient, convenient and safe access for goods to reach mezzanines, basements, and any levels in multi-storied buildings. Cargo lift is widely used in indoor or outdoor workplaces of the buildings and warehouses, lifting goods or pallets among different vertical floors. Custom design is available in loading capacity, platform size and travel height, based on your work requirements.

Cargo lift series product image 1Cargo lift series product image 1Cargo lift series product image 3







2: Scissor lift series:

Scissor lift table provides the best solution for loading and offloading goods between trucks and ground floor. It could be fixed in a concrete pit or directly on the ground level. Its capacity can be varied from 300kg to 50 tons, being applicable for kinds of working conditions. Powered by hydraulic power, it has high safety features and devices to guarantee worker’s safety and efficiency.

Scissor lift table mornlift product image 2 Scissor lift table mornlift product image







3: Four post car lift:

Four post car lift is a kind of heavy-duty cargo lift solutions, widely used in warehouse, factories, vertical production lines, and any buildings where material handling is needed. Safety and efficiency are the major consideration of our design and manufacture on lift products. Custom service available for different work requirements.

Four post car lift mornlift product image Four post car lift mornlift product







4: Other loading and unloading equipment:

Other equipment such as mobile loading ramp, stationary loading ramp, mobile loading platform and so on help customers with daily loading and unloading work.

Solution for cargo lifting Your safest way to the top with MORN LIFT 1 Solution for cargo lifting Your safest way to the top with MORN LIFT 2





vehicle-loading-equipment STATIONARY LOADING RAMP mornlift product imageMorn lift loading unloading vehicle-loading-equipment STATIONARY LOADING RAMP





Reach us for the customized design:

Discover how MORN LIFT can help you to solve the loading problems. Whether you need a cargo lift, stationary scissor lift, or any other type of hydraulic lift, MORN has the perfect solution for you. Visit our website to learn more and find the right equipment for your needs.