Loading dock ramps need regular maintenance to achieve outstanding performance for as longer time as they can. Just like any other type of loading and unloading equipment, the loading dock ramps will break down if no proper maintenance is implemented in actual use. Then how to conduct regular and right maintenance on the loading dock ramps?

This article tells monthly maintenance and annual maintenance respectively, with the purpose of helping you maintain your own hydraulic loading dock ramps.

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1. Monthly Maintenance

1) Once the hydraulic oil becomes darker, sticky, or mixed with other materials, please replace it immediately; otherwise, the hydraulic power will be weakened.
2) Check out whether the rollers, intermediate shafts & bearings, oil cylinder hinge pins & bearings, and cantilever hinge shafts & bearings are worn or not. If so, immediate maintenance or replacements should be taken action.
3) Each linked parts should be added some lubricating oil to prolong the service life of bearings and the dock ramps.

loading dock ramp maintenance

2.Annual Maintenance

1) Replace the old hydraulic oil with the new one. Never continue using the old hydraulic oil, or the moving parts in hydraulic systems will be worn quickly.
2) Examine all the hydraulic pipes and joints, and make sure all pipes are in good condition and all joints are tightened up.
3) Take down and separate the lowering valves, and clean the plunger pistons with the compressed air. Then reinstall the plunger pistons and lowering valves.

How to Conduct Regular Maintenance on the Loading Dock Ramp? 2

In addition to the monthly and annual maintenance on the hydraulic dock ramps, daily examinations should also be heeded to reduce the invisible hazards as much as possible. In general, how well a machine performs largely depends on how careful the owner take care of it. So don’t be lazy!

Further information, such as how to choose a suitable loading dock ramp, how to install and operate it, and questions about post-sale technical support, etc, please view the linked website, or directly contact us at any time.