How to use goods lifts

This regulation is formulated, in order to ensure the safe use of goods lifts. Safety management personnel and operators of goods lifts shall strictly abide by these rules when managing and operating goods lifts.

use goods lift

Essential common sense for operators of goods lifts

(1) Ordinary goods lifts are not allowed to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. If necessary, explosion-proof equipment must be customized to lift freight elevators.

(2) When waiting to load goods, personnel shall not stand between the platform and the landing door, but should stand outside the landing door and wait.

(3) It is strictly forbidden for anyone to take the lift.

(4) Safety management or operating personnel should go through the handover procedures before and after get off work.

(5) Concentrate during work, do not do other irrelevant things while operating, and do not leave work casually.

(6) Take good care of the equipment and keep the equipment and the surrounding area clean and tidy. No debris should be placed on the top of the car.

(7) It is forbidden to short-circuit or remove all safety switches of the elevator freight elevator. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with the landing door or car door open.

Common sense of safe operation ofgoods lifts

(1) Safety management and operators of goods lifts must undergo professional training and assessment. Operators should be familiar with the basic structure and performance parameters of freight elevators; master the methods of damage and the use of safety devices.

(2) Before starting to use every day, the key of the operation box should be opened by the safety management or operator, and the no-load test operation should be carried out, and the main parts and safety devices and facilities should be carefully checked. Only after confirming that the equipment is running without abnormal conditions Official operation.

(3) The cargo in the car should be placed securely to prevent deviation during operation. When transporting heavy cargo, the cargo should be placed in the middle of the car to prevent the car from tilting.

(4) It should be confirmed that the car door is reliably closed before starting the elevator. The opening and closing of the car door should not be used as a switch for the operation and stop of the elevator.

(5) Cargo loading and unloading should be handled with care to minimize the impact on the car. When a vehicle enters the car, effective measures should be taken to prevent the vehicle from hitting the car wall and door.

(6) When loading and unloading goods, you must first press the stop switch of the corresponding landing and confirm whether the parking protection device is in the protective position before loading and unloading the goods, and minimize the time to enter the car.

(7) The weight of the loaded cargo should be strictly controlled, and overloading operation is strictly prohibited. Do not carry long cargo by opening the car door.

what are the reasons for the failure of the goods lifts?

(1)  Replacement of hydraulic oil: In winter due to the cold weather, 32 # hydraulic oil should be used, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time, because the temperature will affect the hydraulic oil viscosity of the hydraulic lifting platform, which is easy to be forgotten and should be done Ready to work.

(2) The quality problem of the elevator: the production size of the support rod is inconsistent, which is a quality defect of the elevator platform equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement. When the shafts of the rods are inconsistent, the lifting platform will not work normally and the platform will be seriously damaged, please check carefully.

(3) Damage to the hydraulic system: serious column loss and uneven damage to the closed circuit or obstacles are likely to cause uneven force, resulting in uneven height of the lifting cylinder. It is recommended that a careful inspection of a cylinder is normal. When there is a foreign body in the pipe, which causes uneven transmission of the hydraulic oil, an uneven surface will appear. It is recommended to carefully check the oil for smooth delivery.

(4)Goods unbalanced load: When placing the goods, the goods should be placed in the middle of the platform as much as possible. The table tilt hydraulic lifting platform has the highest probability, especially the mobile hydraulic lifting platform.