How to Install and Use the Lighting System for Cargo Freight Elevators for Sale?

The freight elevators for sale is an indispensable industrial business line in our lives. In order to facilitate night operation, lighting devices are installed on the freight elevators, so how should the lighting devices be installed and used? Then let MORN LIFT editor show You introduction how to install the lighting device.

  1. The insulation resistance of all mobile electrical appliances for lifting freight elevators should not be less than 2MΩ, and the leads and plugs should be intact and undamaged. The leads must be three-core (single-phase electrical appliances), four-core (three-phase electrical appliances) tough rubber wire or plastic protection. Set the flexible wire, the cross-section is at least 0.5mm, the lead wire must not have joints, and should not be too long, generally not more than 5m.
  2. All mobile electrical appliances for lifting freight elevators should be equipped with a leakage protector with an operating current less than or equal to 30mA and an operating time less than 0.1s.
  3. Low-voltage line devices below 36V should be neat and clear, and all sockets must be dedicated sockets.
  4. All lamps, switches, and bolts of the lift freight elevator should be adapted to the needs of the environment. For example, in places where there are particularly humid, corrosive vapors and gases, flammable and explosive, and outdoors, appropriate moisture-proof, explosion-proof, and Rain lamps and switches.
  5. The height of the switch and socket from the ground should not be less than 1.3m. The socket can also be installed low, but the distance from the ground should not be less than 15cm.

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  1. The working voltage of the local lighting and mobile and lanterns of the lift freight elevators should be selected according to the working environment. The lighting on the machine tool or fitter’s table should be used with a low voltage of 36V and below, in the boiler, evaporator and other metal containers. The voltage of the running lights is not allowed to exceed 12V, and the insulation strength of the wires and electrical appliances of the low-voltage lights is not less than AC 250V.
  2. The socket or switch should be intact and undamaged, the installation should be firm, the shell or cover should be intact, the operation should be flexible, and the connector should be reliable.
  3. The outdoor lamps and switches of the lift freight elevator should be rainproof, and the installation must be firm and reliable.
  4. Do not pull or connect the temporary lines and lights randomly. For production needs, you should go through the application procedures for temporary lines, check them regularly, and dismantle them when they expire.
  5. Temporary wires are well-insulated rubber wires, suspended or laid along walls. When erected, the indoor height above the ground shall not be less than 2.5m, and the outdoor shall not be less than 3.5m. Temporary wires and equipment, water pipes, hot water pipes, doors and windows, etc. The distance should be 0.3m away, and the intersection with the road should not be less than 6m.

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