Long-term use of hydraulic lifting platform may occur in some parts aging, oil drop, pipe breakage, loosejoints, cylinder oil spills, etc., at this time we need to do regular checks,do repairs and maintenance. General hydraulic lifting equipment for themechanical maintenance have regular maintenance is divided into weeksmaintenance, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, the majority ofenterprises in order to facilitate the use and saving time are selected monthlymaintenance and annual maintenance.


Monthly maintenance is generally wheel hydraulic lifting platform, the intermediate shaft, cylinder,pin, boom hinge shaft and bearings to check to see whether the presence or absence of wear and tear, commissioning hydraulic lifting platform to see if working properly, add the injection of various parts of the some lubricants,making equipment more efficient, longer bearing life, promptly check the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil found darken, sticky, or mixed with gravel and other foreign matter, clean replace the hydraulic oil (usually replace 32 #hydraulic oil )

scissor lift

Year-end maintenance usually is after a year of use, hydraulic lifting platform for all aspects of the inspection and cleaning, check the hydraulic pipes, fittings, to see whether the pipeline rupture, the interface is loose, broken pipes to replace the pipes, fittings Tighten loose fittings.

Remove and disassemble thelowering valve, the plunger blowing with compressed air, and then loaded againplacement. Discard the hydraulic oil exhausted, tighten the connector removethe oil filter, after cleared, cleaned with compressed air, and then back intothe tank, and join the good lines. (Replace with new oil, do not continue touse the old oil. Otherwise, the system will be accelerated wear of movingparts.

Usually a good month to do maintenance, then you do not need to do too much in maintenance work, regular monthly inspections and maintenance had been carried out on the hydraulic lift platform overall maintenance. Such checks do down not only to ensure theoverall efficiency of the hydraulic lifting platform also extend its servicelife. Its lowest cost, to create greater value for the enterprise!