Self propelled scissor lifts can load workers to reach high workplaces to implement various aerial jobs, which increases the happiness of window cleaners particularly in China.


Window cleaners used to worry a lot about cleaning the windows of high buildings and mansions that spring up like mushrooms in the last decades, for dangers abound in the whole cleaning process. They usually needed to climb onto the roofs of the buildings with a rope being tied around their waists, and then they cleaned and wiped the windows from the top floors to the bottom floors. During the work, these cleaners’ bodies were wavering frequently and their lives only depended on the swing ropes, which brought great worries to their families and the society.

The introduction and application of the self propelled scissor lifts in window cleaning field have markedly improved the working conditions and safety assurances to those cleaners. These electric man lifts are simple to operate, and workers just need to be trained for a short period of time. And the self propelled scissor lift table can be  moved automatically with electrical power or battery power, reducing labor force and offering convenience. When cleaning the windows, cleaners won’t need to be tied with ropes and wavering constantly in the air. They can stand on the platform and elevate the lift platform to the wanted heights.

scissor man lift

Safety factor accounts most for the application of such scissor man lift platforms which are equipped with both control box for ground operation and control handle on the platform. Also there is an emergency drop button in the control box and control handle, with which workers can be lowered down safely if power failure or other emergency happens. Workers are able to stand steadily on the platform cleaning the windows safely.

control panel

Self propelled scissor lifts not only contribute to window cleaning work, but also some other aerial jobs, like building maintenance and construction. For further information about the features and applications of electric scissor lifts, please visit our website and contact us.