How to choose a good electric mobile aerial work platform?

With the development of science and technology now society, shear fork aerial working platform has spread to every corner of the social life, more and more widely use, whether it is architecture, civil engineering, and People’s Daily life is inseparable from the shear fork aerial work platforms, many businesses to grasp the business opportunities, invest in succession, shear fork aerial work platform company with full in each big industrial cities like bamboo shoots after raining, shear fork mobile aerial work platform market is hot, in short supply, it can be seen from the side, now, and the rapid development of society, promote the development of the industry and the demand of people,However, as buyers how to choose a good cutting fork type aerial work platforms in the company products has become an important topic.

  1. Choose and buy a clip-fork type aerial working platform. It is not advisable to choose and buy blindly.This is the first and necessary, now many small enterprises in the market in order to seek violence and cut corners, so that the quality of lifting products greatly reduced, although they will sell very cheap, but this machine time is not long, and dangerous coefficient.Accordingly, as the purchaser cannot covet the small cheap of a bit of price and cause bigger regret.
  2. integrated the information investigation by you, choose a good cost performance of shear fork aerial work platform, from its choice on the practicality and generality and technical parameters, usually there are many kinds of lifting machinery, including (vehicular, stationary, hydraulic pressure, shear fork, etc.) each of the technical parameters and usage are slightly different, but there are many features have a similar place, therefore, as a customer you want with a purpose of choose and buy, what are you going to do buy lifting mechanical, and what kind of elevator mechanical energy to meet your needs and purposes.
  3. Finally, after the arrival of the equipment, check whether the random technical data is complete, whether the random accessories, tools, accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories have damage, defects, etc., and make a good record of the unpacking acceptance.

What are the USES of aerial work platforms?

electric mobile scissor lift

Self-cutting fork type aerial working platforms: it can walk quickly and slowly at different heights. It can operate the platform conveniently in the air to continuously complete up and down, forward, backward and turn.Adopt high quality steel, laser welding electronic manipulator single-sided double-sided molding process, Italy imported hydraulic pump station and joint venture in anshan hydraulic pump station, space cartridge valve technology, platform equipped with level alarming device, the balance valve, the automatic warning device, such as safety board platform safe and reliable, durable, homework can reach 12 meters high, weight 300 kilograms, level of fence can be extended greatly expanded the work scope, the machine one year warranty, key components warranty five years, suitable for factory workshop the lobby at the airport, square, park, etc have the work high above the needs of customers.

Fixed shear fork type high-altitude working platform: special hydraulic lift used for transporting goods between floors of buildings;Stereo garage and underground garage floor – to – floor car lift and so on.The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with safety protection devices against falling and overloading. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and working table of lifting platform to realize multi-point control.The product structure is solid, bearing capacity is large, the rise and fall is stable, the installation maintenance is simple and convenient, is economical and practical between low floors to replace the elevator ideal goods transmission equipment.According to the lifting platform installation environment and use requirements, choose different optional configuration, can achieve better use effect.