How to Prevent Electric Shock When Using Cargo Lifts?

The electrical configuration is an important command system for the cargo lifts platform and is an important prerequisite for completing various high aerial operations. In order to ensure the normal operation and safety of the cargo lifts, the following will explain the requirements of the hydraulic lifting platform electrical device of the lifting platform, how to prevent electric shock when operating the freight cargo elevator.

Electrical Equipment Requirements for Hydraulic Cargo lifts

  1. The portable control device should be sealed and insulated. The control circuit voltage should not be greater than 36V, and the lead length should not exceed 5m. Measures such as moisture-proof and mechanical damage should be taken.
  2. The main power supply of the cargo lift should be equipped with short-circuit protection and leakage protection devices, and the main circuit of the motor should be equipped with short-circuit, voltage loss, as well as over-current protection devices at the same time.
  3. The insulation resistance of electrical equipment (including the resistance to ground) is greater than 0.5MΩ.
  4. The lighting switch should be mutually connected with the main power switch. When the main power supply of the lift is cut off, the work lighting should not be cut off. And the respective switches should have obvious signs. It is prohibited to use the reverse switch as the control switch of the winch.

cargo lift installation

  1. When the height of the lifting platform exceeds the protection range of the lightning protection device of the adjacent building, the lightning protection device should be installed, and its grounding resistance should not be greater than 10Ω.
  2. When the power supply is a low-voltage system with an ungrounded neutral point, the metal structure of the lifting platform and the metal shell of all electrical equipment should be grounded, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4Ω.

What are the Anti-electric Shock Measures for the Production of Hydraulic Cargo Lifts?

(1) The production personnel of the hydraulic lift must be certified to work, and no unlicensed personnel are allowed to perform welding and cutting operations.

(2) The welding and cutting equipment of the hydraulic cargo lifts shall have a good isolation protection device and an independent electrical control box.

(3) The enclosure of welding and cutting equipment, the enclosure of electrical control box, etc. should be equipped with protective zero connection devices.

(4) Changing the welding and cutting equipment joints or replacing the weldment requires changing the secondary circuit, and transferring the work site, replacing the fuse, or when the welding and cutting equipment fails to be repaired, it must be performed after the power supply is cut off.

(5) The welder must use welder gloves when replacing the welding rod or wire during the operation. The welder’s gloves should be kept dry and insulated. For welding operations with high no-load voltage and welding voltage or when operating in a humid environment, the welder should use an insulating rubber gasket to ensure that the body is insulated from the weldment. Especially in the summer work, the clothes are wet after sweating, and the body should not come into contact with the weldment and workbench.

cargo lift application

(6) Special protective devices must be used when welding in metal containers or in small working places. Such as using insulating rubber pads, wearing insulating shoes, and wearing insulating gloves to protect the welders body from the live parts.

(7) When working in a dark environment with insufficient light, hand-held lights must be used. Generally, the voltage of the lighting lamp should not exceed 36 V, and the voltage of the lighting lamp should not exceed 12V in dangerous environments such as damp or metal containers.

(8) During the welding and cutting operation of the hydraulic cargo lift, shoes with nails or cloth shoes cannot be worn, insulated gloves should not be shorter than 300 mm, and the material should be soft leather or canvas.

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