Choosing a right trailer boom lift directly relates to the safety and efficiency of your aerial work. If aerial workers use the wrong lift equipment, then safety and worry-free work will be likely sacrificed. No matter whether you plan to purchase a boom lift for long-term use or rent one just for temporary use, do not choose it only based on the optical effect or available situations.

telescopic boom lift

There are many things to be considered before you are looking for a safe and quality towable boom lift. Of course, a right equipment never means 100% safety and trouble-free operation, for users have to adhere to relative safety guidelines and proper operation. Now let us dive into the considerations that should be taken when choosing the aerial equipment.

Decide the Application

Different boom lift models are designed for different applications. There is no one trailer boom lift that can suit for each aerial job. Firstly, you should figure out the application range of all your jobs, which can help you purposely confirm the lift details later.

Work Environment or Job Site

Make sure that the telescopic boom lift can be towed by truck to the job site your business involves. Also consider whether it can access to the job site with no obstacles of aisle ways, turning radius, slopes and so on. Plus, you need also confirm the boom lift can work in a absolutely safe space where its platform can reach to higher places without disturbing surrounding buildings or high-voltage power lines. This can guarantee the smooth aerial jobs and worker’s safety.

trailer man lift

Lift Capacities

Work height of our towable man lift varies from 8m to 18m with 200kg loading capacity. Do not exceed these capacities when the lift loads workers, tools and materials, or disastrous accidents may happen.

Power Source

What type of fuel do you plan to use? It depends on your job site and work time to a large extent. Our boom lift can be powered by AC power, diesel, battery and gasoline, which can be optional or bi-energy for different work needs.

More information on boom lift specifications or safety devices, please leave your requirement or questions below. Professional lift solution will be replied in 24 hours.