The freight elevator is a tool used to carry goods. With the development of society, the advancement of technology, and the increase of labor costs, more and more mechanized equipment are used. In the future factories, the application of guide rail elevators will become more and more extensive. If you use guide rail elevators, the work efficiency will be greatly improved, and the function of the lifting platform will be maximized to achieve excellent results. The guide rail elevator is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function enables a bridge to be built between the truck and the cargo platform of the warehouse to maximize the function of the lifting platform.

Uneven Platform

As the saying goes, nothing is perfect, let alone mechanical equipment. Not afraid of problems, as long as they actively solve and respond. What if the surface of the lifting platform is uneven?

The uneven surface of the lifting platform may be caused by the user placing the goods on one side of the platform. The correct way to use the lifting platform is to place the goods in the middle of the platform. After the installation is completed, the manufacturer or supplier will post a notice board around the lifting platform to inform users of the correct placement of the lifting platform. If the goods are placed aside, it will cause partial load, and over time, the platform will appear uneven.

Here, we tell the majority of users of the lifting platform that when this happens, we can adjust the steel wire rope of the platform. The steel wire rope, also known as the balance rope, is used to adjust the balance of the lifting platform. If not, please ask the manufacturer or supplier of the lifting platform to send someone to adjust it.

Maintenance of Freight Elevator

The development of economy promotes the lifting platform to become a common tool, which plays an important role in the transportation of logistics city and factory. Hydraulic lifting platform is a common equipment, maintenance is very important, so how do we make a plan for the maintenance of the elevator? The following editor will sort out with you.

How often is the elevator maintained

Compared with elevators and freight elevators, hydraulic lifting platforms are relatively simple to maintain. In the case of standard operation, good maintenance is necessary, and the maintenance time can be designed to be shorter, such as once every 3 months! Regular maintenance is a powerful guarantee for the safe and efficient work of the elevator!

Who should do the elevator maintenance

For the maintenance of the lifting platform, we generally find the supplier of the lifting platform for repair and maintenance. Of course, we can also do it ourselves. Maintenance is nothing more than checking the wiring and applying butter.

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Maintenance plan for our elevators

Such as how often the sideways inspections, program debugging test lists, etc., these data can provide a reference for our elevator maintenance . Secondly, the technicians should provide us with a list of items every time they check, so that we can better understand the working status of the existing elevators.


Hydraulic oil, etc. of the elevator, the oil quantity should be checked regularly to prevent poor working condition and serious wear of the elevator, and timely replenish the oil quantity.

Wearing parts.

For some wearing parts, such as seals, a small amount of work should be reserved. In an emergency, you can determine the fault by yourself. If you want to replace the wearing parts, you can handle it yourself.