A Montenegro customer reordered a standard size wheelchair lift for the disabled with 0.75m lifting height. Branded with MORNLIFT, wheelchair lift is one of our top-rated lifter products among all products that were exported to overseas markets.

First Montenegro Customer Turned a Good Start of Cooperation

This customer is our first customer from Montenegro which is a mountainous country located in the south of Europe. Cooperation between us is a doomed fate.

He had bought a cargo lift from us with 2.5m lifting height 3 months ago. Although the goods lift haven’t been shipped to the final destination now, he decided to purchase a wheelchair elevator lift again from us.

Our professional technical help and considerate service must convinced him to reorder. As he is a middle man who used to import machines from other countries like Turkey, the cooperation on goods lift between us is the first time he placed order from Chinese lifter manufacturer.

wheelchair lift platform

A Good Communication and Cooperation for the Reorder

Thanks to our reliable worldwide customer service and professional lifting solutions, we built a second cooperation on home elevators. As to the wheelchair platform lift for his second order, it’s expected to be deployed in the entrance of a local bank, where there are stairs blocking the way of the disabled. With the help of it, people with limited mobility hence will be able to access to the bank counter for business.

wheelchair elevator

Based on detailed investigation on installation site, we recommended a standard vertical wheelchair lift with 250KG loading capacity and 0.75m lifting height. Also an automatic lip ramp was configured for user’s easy entrance to the lift platform which were made from anti-skid checked steel plate.

Besides, the customer required only English description written on the control panel to show the function of buttons and indicator, which are different from that of general Chinese and English version. This is simple for us and we customized a new English version control panel specially.

wheelchair lift control panel

Then after the manufacturing, the hydraulic wheelchair lift passed factory quality test and trial running, and has started its journey from China to Montenegro. Installation and operation manual and videos have also been sent for safe and proper use.

We have confidence the lift will be a good helper as we have confidence in the quality and functionality of MORNLIFT product. And just waiting for the positive feedback from Montenegro!