It’s understandable that all the buyers pay great attention to the quality and performance, including safety factors, of hydraulic loading dock ramps when placing orders. While during the real operation on the container ramps, safety considerations are easy to be neglected, for the operators or users will not expect that safety hazards may accumulate with time going by, even though such steel structure machine is strong enough.

In order to avoid accidents produced from the operation process of the loading dock ramp, here 5 safety recommendations are listed for your reference.

1.Regular maintenance on the hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders and oil are the motive part which offers lifting and lowering power for the whole ramp, so that the ramp can hold the weight of forklift and goods. Any mistake or subtle problem that lies in the hydraulic power part must be dealt with immediately to prevent the container loading ramp from breaking down or cause injuries. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection should be conducted with special care.

loading ramp hydraulic power

2.Check out the control box.

Forklift ramps can be controlled by manual power or electric power. For the latter one, control box is the control part on which users or operators manipulate the buttons to control or adjust the working conditions of the loading dock ramps. Regularly check on whether the power button, lifting and lowering button and emergency button are in good condition to ensure safety.

loading dock ramp control box

3.Examination on safety devices.

Safety devices of hydraulic loading ramps mainly consist of safety chain, safety supporting legs, brake pads, guardrails, leading board, which are all essential auxiliary components of yard ramp. Regular examination on these devices is of great importance to protect workers and ensure operation safety.

safety chain

4.Platform test and inspection.

Anti-skid platform is adopted on the loading container ramp, and it’s made of steel with welding, grinding and coating techniques. Generally few problems will be formed from this hard platform, but do heed that whether it crackles or deforms to affect the work of forklifts. Also check all the screws and junctions are both in normal conditions.


5.Daily inspection on the tires.

This recommendation is especially applicable for mobile loading dock ramps with tires which usually are solid tires in type. Although such solid tires are hard enough to move the container ramp and support the body structure firmly, it will crackle or deform after longtime use. So daily inspection on the tires is a must to keep the good condition of mobile loading container ramps.

loading dock ramp tires

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