self-propelled telescopic boomlift

Standard configuration


4-wheel drive

2/4-wheel steering

High/low travel speed

Weighing system

Automatic Deceleration Device

Working range of full amplitude

Full proportional Control

Protection system on Uneven Ground

Automatic Leveling

Emergency Descend system

Anti-collision protection of platform

Working table selection

Engine restart protection

Preheating of engine

Grade three Throttle control of engine

Dust-proof protection

Strobe light


Optional devices

Platform rotation

Generator sets(Hybrid power)

Perkins engine

Gas supply in platform

Power supply in platform

Working light in platform


1.Functions of positioning upward & outward and crossing. The articulating boom machine offers muti-faceted functions of positioning upward, outward and crossing, so that you can reach whatever place you want to go through various ways.

self-propelled boomlift

 2.Complete safety devices

Standard configuration include four-link weighing devices, overload protection, automated detection device for detecting platform amplitude and height (automatic amplitude limiter), automatic control of the movement speed of the boom and traveling speed, and high-precision load sensor, to ensure the safety and stability of operation in all directions.

Complete safety devices

3.Compact structure

The structures with size lower than 16m and electric motor type are compact, which make the boom can go through small opening and operate in small space.

Compact structure

4.Control box

Full proportion joysticks and CAN bus as well as PLC control system. With high positioning accuracy are easy to be controlled and can be operated by the users at will. The stainless steel control box with sealing cover and box cap, which can help prevent the electrical components for moisture and prevent the damage from welding slag.

Traveling system

5.Traveling system

The closed circuit hydraulic traveling system consisting of electro-proportional variable pump, hydraulic control variable motor and flow. Distribution value can gain relatively high drive speed and relatively

Power and Gas supply in platform

 6.Power and Gas supply in platform

As per the requirements of users, the platform can be equipped with AC380V power and compressed air pipe, to meet the users’ special Requirements.

Hydraulic system

7.Hydraulic system

Closed circuit hydraulic travelling system has speed easily to be adjusted, wide speed range; the boom’s hydraulic system adopts double value core circuit. which enhance the safety. The hydraulic components adopt European and North American pure brands.

Driving mode 4244(optional)

8.Driving mode 4*2/4*4(optional)

The four-wheel drive is powerful with great grade-ability.

Swing-out engine tray

9.Swing-out engine tray

It is easy for maintenance and repair.

Active oscillation axle

10.Active oscillation axle

Active oscillation axle can perceive the terrain, and can guarantee that the machine can land on four wheels even on uneven road without reducing the driving force.

Emergency descend system

11.Emergency descend system

It guarantees that the boom can retract and descend in case of failure of engine and oil pump.

Hydro-cylinder protection and dust proof boom.

12.Hydro-cylinder protection and dust proof boom.

All Hydro-cylinder rods have protective covers, and the boom head has dust-proof devices.

Rotary platform

13.Rotary platform

The rotary actuator with standard configuration can make the rotation range of the platform reach ±80°,which makes your work more flexible.

Strobe light

14.Strobe light

Give alerting signal when working .

Adjustable backlash

15.Adjustable backlash

The output gear of the slewing gear reducer is 2.5mm from the axis, can adjust the gear side clearance and reduce the free rotation angle of the boom.


JIB with large range of activities

16.JIB with large range of activities

The jib angle ranges from-55°~+75°,so you can reach the place you want to go without operating the main boom.



The electric articulating boom use storage battery as the power source, so it is low noise and no emission, so it can be used indoor and other environments with special requirements.

Small structure size

18.Small structure size

The electric articulating boom has smaller width and height(stowed), which is more suitable for indoor work.

 Manually-operated Emergency descend device

19.Manually-operated Emergency descend device

The manually-operated pump in the system can be used to descend emergent.

Hybrid power(optional)

20.Hybrid power(optional)

The options of generator sets are available. and the generators can be used to charge the storage battery. They are suitable for outdoor operation in the places where recharging of the battery is not available.

Components of European&American brand

21.Components of European&American brand

The key components such as battery, traveling electric motor, controller and the gear reducer shall adopt pure European&American brand.

Anti-collision switch

22.Anti-collision switch

It is used to prevent the working sidebar from further moving in case of collision with obstacles upward.

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