Why choose a trailer boom lift?

Firstly, it can reach the height which your body cannot. You need to reach this height to complete a certain job. At this time, you may need to buy a mobile boom lift.

The trailer boom aerial work platform lift is used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, airport theaters, exhibition halls, and other places. It is a safe companion for maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning, and maintenance.

The trailer boom aerial work lift platform is made of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, lightweight, heavy load, balanced lifting, safety, and reliability, and can be operated up and down. It is convenient to move when necessary.

What factors need to be considered when buying a trailer boom lift


Safety is of the utmost importance. This kind of lifting equipment and lifting platform are indispensable in the construction of vertical commuting equipment. Nowadays, accidents of aerial work platforms have occurred. The main hydraulic bridge level gauges have been traced, management measures are not in place, and scientificity is insufficient, which are the main reasons for the accidents of lifting platforms. The design of the lift legs is based on safety. The legs are opened to maintain the stability of the mobile boom on the ground of the platform.

Convenient and fast, save time and effort

MORN’s trailer boom lift operation is very simple. It can be operated on the platform or on the ground. The Up button realizes the ascent and the down button realizes the descend. It can help you complete difficult tasks in a short time, saving more time and labor.


Quality is of utmost importance. Don’t blindly pursue price and ignore quality for equipment like this one.

You can spend a small amount when you buy it, but you may pay more in the later use process. At this moment, a mobile boom with good quality and competitive price is very important for you. The below Link would be a good choice.


How to choose a trailer boom lift?

Market demand shows the full range of functions, differences, and segmented market structure of boom lift manufacturers, which undoubtedly provides a good environment for the effective operation of boom lift manufacturers. It is indeed understood that in the first half of this year, the production and sales growth of China’s aerial performance platform industry rarely affects boom lift manufacturers, and this growth trend continues. The sustained and rapid development of China’s national infrastructure construction has greatly improved the market demand for various lifting platforms.

China’s high-altitude system business optimization service has greatly enhanced its market-opening capabilities, and diversified operating methods in the market are increasing. Of course, the aerial work platform and equipment industry is becoming a leader in the boom lift manufacturer industry. Among them, Shandong’s most acclaimed aerial work platform capable of sending machinery has joined the international advanced level, destroying the foreign boom lift manufacturer system for China’s market monopoly.

Matters needing attention when using

  1. Trained and qualified personnel must read the manual before operating the lift
  2. The protective fences are all installed, not less than one meter, and not exceeding their rated load capacity. Check whether the working platform is strong and the table surface is free of slippery materials such as grease. Wear a safety helmet and secure the safety rope to the railing.
  3. When the lift starts to invest in working money, the outriggers need to be opened, cushioned, and the level indicator can start to work when the level is displayed.
  4. Site conditions (potholes, subsidence, slopes, icing) rain, snow, strong wind (when the wind speed reaches 15 meters per hour) operation is prohibited