Historical sites are memorial and educational places where histscissor liftorical culture and society evolution of human are recorded in the form of magnificent buildings. Natural and man-made factors both led these historical sites to confront some sort of damages and some of disastrous damages even threat the lives of them. Restoring work therefore becomes more significant to prolong the lifetime of these historical sites, and thanks to the help of hydraulic electric scissor lifts, the restoring work can be implemented effectively.


Electric scissor lift is an elevating equipment that can be used to lift man and/or goods to higher space in aerial jobs. It plays an essential part in the renovation and maintenance of historical sites and some other buildings. Take China for example, there are so many ancient palaces, gardens and temples locating in different areas, like the Dunhuang Caves, Suzhou Gardens, White Horse Temple, etc. But the common thing was that they once suffered a lot from wars, natural disasters and urban sprawls. In order to restore them, workers use man scissor lift platform to repair the walls and roofs of these buildings.



The platform size and lifting height of electric scissor lift can be customized, so it’s able to be used in a range of aerial work sites and conditions. Also, safety is another consideration in scissor lift design and production. Safety devices like guardrails, emergency drop valve, and adjustable travel speed all ensure the safe operation and worker’s safety in aerial tasks. Besides, there are AC power (alternative current) and DC (direct current) power supply for choices, which is suitable for outdoor fields with no available power supply.


It was the electric scissor lift platform that made the existing valuable historical sites and buildings possible. In addition to this, electric hydraulic scissor lift has contributed to many fields and industries, which is detailed in the linked website. For any questions, please directly send emails or phone calls to us.