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electric scissor lift
Self-propelled Scissor Lift 1


Electric man lift is powered by battery, and can self drive freely on ground or slope. This electric scissor lift can be operated for walking and lifting by only one person to save man labor and working time.

Platform heigth(m)3m4m5m6m8m10m11.8m13.8m
Working height(m)5m6m7m8m10m12m13.8m15.8m
Platform capacity(kg)240kg240kg230kg550kg450kg320kg320kg227kg
Platform extension length(mm)600mm600mm900mm900mm900mm900mm900mm900mm
Overall width(mm)760mm760mm760mm1150mm1150mm1150mm1150mm1390mm
Ground clearance(mm)20mm20mm100/20mm100/20mm100/20mm100/20mm100/20mm100/20mm
Travel speed(stowed/raised)(kw/h)4/0.84/0.83.5/0.83.5/0.83.5/0.83.5/0.83.5/0.83.5/0.8
Lift motor(V/kw)24/0.824/0.824/4.524/4.524/4.524/4.524/4.524/4.5


self-propelled scissor lift application
electric scissor lift application
electric scissor lift application
electric scissor lift application

High Grade Parts Ensure High Quality of ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT

All the parts we use are first-class quality and well-known brands. The parts are standard models with item code, which are very convenient to be replaced. Delivery is also fast for parts.


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We have many kinds of scissor lift, mobile scissor lift, stationary scissor lift, self-propelled scissor lift. If you loading and unloading cargoes from ground to different level, the stationary scissor lift is the best choice.

Now we introduce our Self-propelled scissor lift for you. You can control it “move, up, down by control box. If you need to do some jobs, such as installation, maintenance, cleaning, and painting. The self-propelled scissor lift is the best choice. And it is with extension platform, enlarge work range. The length of the extension platform is 900mm. Capacity is 120kg.

How to extend the platform? There is a footswitch on the platform. Only need to press the footswitch and push the extension platform meanwhile. Then you can work on the extension platformself-propelled scissor lift foot switch

electric scissor lfit detail partNo.1 control the lifting up and down from the top platform. Push the button 1 and at the same time clinch the button 6. Scissor lift will be lifting up and down.

No.2 Turn left and right button. Push No.2, and change the button No.5 left and right. Scissor lift will turn right and left.

No.3 Moving speed controller, control the moving speed fast and slow.

No.4. Waning horn.

No.7 Display screen, any operation will be showed here.

self-propelled scissor lift detail

No.8 Total power switch. Before use, scissor lift pushes up it. After use push down it.

No.9 Recharge battery socket.

No10 Battery indicates. If the battery recharge full, the light change green.

self-propelled scissor lift detail

No.11 Emergency decline. If there is no power or meet any emergency. Push out the button, the scissor lift will down.

No.12 Controller on the scissor lift bottom.

No.13 Change controller button. If turn right, we only control self-propelled scissor lift by top platform button. Turn left, the scissor lift only controlled by the bottom controller.

No.14. Control scissor lift up and down.

No.15. Restart scissor lift button.

No. 16 Emergency stop.

The self-propelled scissor lift is widely used for all works of life, such as the construction industry, maintenance, installation industry, and so on. In daily work, how to maintain the lifter so that prolong the service life and save the maintenance cost?

A. Check the battery

1. Battery status in good condition is essential to the performance and safety operation. If battery
electrolyte level is not appropriate or the damaged cable and wiring may cause damage and create a hazardous situation.

Note: If the battery is with a seal or the battery does not need to maintain, do not need to check on this matter.

2. Warning: Be careful with Electric Shock! Contact with electric circuits may result in death or serious injury. Should when contact remove all rings, watches and other jewelry.

3. Warning: Be careful the body injury Containing acid batteries to avoid battery acid in the overflow or contacted. Using sparkling water to neutralize acid spilled battery.

B: Check the hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil is essential for self-propelled aerial platforms to work in maintaining the proper oil level. Such as the hydraulic oil is in not proper oil level, it will damage the hydraulic parts. Through the daily check, the inspector can determine the hydraulic oil change, this change may indicate the presence of hydraulic system problems.

Note: Perform this procedure on the platform in the stowed state.

1. Visually inspect the hydraulic tank is located on the side of the oil level. Result: The hydraulic oil level should be at the position of the markers of the fuel tank.

2. Refuel according to your need, do not add too much.

C. Regular maintenance

1. Every 250 hours or 3 months: Change lubricating oil and check cylinders

2. Every 500 hours or 6 months: Check tubes, pipes, and valve

3. Every 1000 hours or 1 year: Change hydraulic oil and grease rotation bearing and wear pads.

4. Every 2000 hours or 2 years: Check hydraulic tank, lid, and vent

Our machine is with detailed operation manual, when you received the machine, you can operate and maintain the aerial work platform according to our operation manual

1. Up the total switch 1, and the scissor lift will have electric.

self-propelled scissor lift total switch

2.1 A. First operate the scissor lift on basis controller, turn the key to the left, we could control the scissor lift on the bottom

B. Make 12 button-ups, the scissor lift will be lifting up, make 12 button-down, the scissor lift will be down

self-propelled scissor lift control button

2.2 Operate the scissor lift on the top platform

A. First press 3 button and make the bar 8 to front, the scissor lift will be up, make the bar 8 to back, the scissor lift will be down

B. Push the 4 button, and make the bar 8 to front, the electric scissor lift will be moved forward, make the bar 8 back, the scissor lift will be moved back

C. Push the button 5, we could control the scissor lift moving speed

D. Push the button 6, it is waring horn start to work

E.The button on the top of 8, put down the left button, the scissor lift will be turn left, put down the right button, the scissor lift will be turn right.self-propelled scissor lift control panel

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