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Operating rules for cargo elevators and freight lift

In order to ensure the reasonable use of freight lift and cargo elevators, prevent safety accidents, extend service life, and continue to improve the efficiency of warehouses’ work, this regulation is formulated to require operators to strictly implement the following regulations:

cargo lift with full mesh

1. Manned operation is strictly prohibited.

The freight lift is mainly used for lifting cargo, goods, so please do not have people stand on the lift.

Overload operation is strictly prohibited.

Please confirm the load capacity of this lift before production. It will be very dangerous if overload when the lift is working.

The freight lift should be evenly placed when transporting goods, and not partial load to ensure the smooth operation of the lifting platform.

The size of platform is confirmed before production, please confirm to put the goods evenly on the cargo lift/ freight lift, then to guarantee smooth work. Otherwise the lift maybe will not work very stable.

When the manual hydraulic forklift lifts with goods on this freight lift,the fork arm of the forklift should be lowered to the lowest level and the handlebar should be twisted to prevent the forklift from moving when the platform is lifted.

Please notice all operation rules of every part when you use this fright lift to lift cargo or car.

Confirmed all doors of lift are closed before lifting operations. It is strictly forbidden to use other methods to press down the sensing device.

In general, our lift will be equipped the electromagnetic lock on platform. The lift will work well when you closed all door. Once you open the doors accidentally when the freight lift is working, the lift will stop immediately, this is a very necessary safety part for lift to guarantee safety.

 It is strictly forbidden to stand under the lifting platform.

Please do not stand under the lift when it is working. It will be very dangerous if something drop from lift.

It is strictly forbidden to switch or press the emergency brake button during the normal lifting of the lift, and it is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave during the lifting of the platform.

When the lift is out of use, the work surface should be lowered to the bottom.

When it is not used for a long time, it should be empty to run 1-3 times before lifting the goods.

To guarantee normal work if you do not use it for a long time, please let the lift work without anything load on it for 1-3 times.


When the lift fails, the maintenance personnel of the manufacturer should be notified in time, and no operation is allowed. Non-professionals are not allowed to repair the lift.

If you freight lift is not work normally, please find the professional maintenance personnel to help you, or find the after-sale personnel. Please do not repair it without the professional instruction.

The elevator should be operated and maintained by a dedicated person. During daily use, check the chain and track from time to time, and add lubricant in time to prevent friction.

Please remember to check the chain and add lubricant timely to guarantee lift works well.

 When the working pressure of the elevator is too high or the sound is abnormal, the elevator should be immediately lowered to the bottom and shut down for inspection to avoid serious damage to the elevator.


Do not operate it without the professional instruction.

All above operations are the ways to guarantee your safety.

During daily use and maintenance, please strictly follow the above procedures.