Civil engineering parameters, performance technology, price comparison of hydraulic cargo lift

Hydraulic cargo lift civil engineering parameters, performance technology, price comparison introduction

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 Civil engineering parameters of hydraulic cargo lift

  1. The hydraulic cargo liftdoes not need to set up a machine room with high requirements and high cost above the hoistway, and the roof room can be flush with the roof. The top floor of the traditional machine room freight elevator needs to reach a net height of 4.2, and the top floor of the machine-room-less freight elevator must reach a net height of 4.5. In addition, the machine room above the top floor generally requires an area of more than 20 square meters and a height of about 2.8 meters.
  2. Flexible machine room setting. The drive system of the hydrauliccargolift platform relies on oil pipes to transmit power, so the location of the machine room/power unit can be set within 20 meters from the hoistway, and the machine room occupies an area of only 3-4 square meters.
  3. High shaft utilization. Usually the hydraulic cargo liftis not equipped with a counterweight device, so it can improve the utilization rate of the hoistway area.
  4. The hoistway has low structural strength requirements. Because the vertical loads such as the weight and load of the hydraulic cargo lift, all act on the foundation of the hoistway through the hydraulic cylinder, the requirements for the strength of the wall and top of the hoistway are relatively low. At the same time, the seismic capacity is stronger than that of ordinary freight elevators.
  5. Hydraulic cargo liftadopts low-noise screw pump, and the pump station and motor are designed as a submersible structure, which can greatly reduce noise.

Technical performance of guide rail hydraulic lifting platform

The hydraulic cargo lift is not only equipped with the safety devices of ordinary freight elevators, but also equipped with:

  1. The overflow valve can prevent the system pressure from being too high during upward movement;
  2. Emergency manual valve. When the power fails, the car can be lowered to the nearest floor to open the hall and car door, so that passengers can safely get out of the car or carry the cargo.

Move out safely;

  1. Manual pump, when the system fails, the manual pump can be operated to pump high-pressure oil to raise the car to the nearest floor position;
  2. The pipeline rupture valve, when the hydraulic system pipeline ruptures and the car stalls and drops, it can automatically cut off the oil circuit;
  3. Oil tank oil temperature protection. When the oil temperature in the oil tank exceeds the standard setting value, the oil temperature protection device will generate a signal, and the elevator will be suspended. It can only be started when the oil temperature drops.

Move the elevator.

The price comparison of guide rail hydraulic lifting platform

Hydraulic lift: Please pay attention to the overall comparison of the price of the freight elevator: including the purchase cost of the hydraulic freight elevator, the total civil construction cost, the use and after-sales costs, the customer must comprehensively compare

  1. From the perspective of purchase cost, hydrauliccargo liftare definitely more expensive than ordinary elevators, and the higher the floor and lifting height, the greater the price difference between the two. And in the case of more than 5 floors, it is generally recommended to use ordinary elevators, this must be confirmed before the design of the project is the best.
  2. From the comparison of the total cost of civil construction, ordinary elevators are more expensive than hydraulic freight elevators, and the specifics are different according to different regions and civil construction conditions. (Please note thatgeneral hydraulic cargo liftmanufacturers are only responsible for hydraulic freight elevators, but do not have the professional capabilities for civil engineering. Even if you can quote a customer, it is generally an outsourcing.However, management costs are also included in the middle, so when choosing a civil construction manufacturer, it is best for customers to choose a professional civil construction unit, which can ensure safety and quality as well as guarantee proof of preferential prices. )
  3. Use and after-sales cost, the price of this item is not much different under the same use situation, customers do not need to spend too much time here to study and compare.