Wheelchair lift needs to be well looked after so as to be longer used and lesser maintained. Almost all wheelchair lift problems can be attributed to 3 main things. In this article I would like to talk a little about each one and what you can do to be proactive in preventing problems that could stop your lift from operating.

1. Operating Error.

Operating error is the top and the most serious reason that results in wheelchair lift platform problems easily. Many issues can be caused by the user hurrying, not taking the proper precautions, or simply attempting to operate the lift in a situation it is not designed for. Our wheelchair lift is an user-friendly lift elevator with easy-to-use control buttons and safety devices. Every buyer would be taught how to rightly perform lifting, lowering and emergency stop process. So users should obey the operating guidelines all the time, and if any problems happen, contact the manufacturer for help. As the wheelchair lift is specially designed for the disabled or elderly people, the buyer should guarantee their disabled or elderly operators master all the operation rules in case of safety hazards. Also do not let children operate the lift randomly, or they may “play” with the lift by lifting it up and down. This can be dangerous!

wheelchair lift

2. Lack of Maintenance.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance–we can’t say those words enough! As an experienced wheelchair lift manufacturer, we set up a maintenance program for you and your lift should be inspected and well maintained for a regular interval. Our technical sales will recommend you a set of maintenance solution based on your installation sites and use frequency. Proper and regular maintenance on your lift will prolong its service life and ensure safety. All you need to know is that if you don’t maintain your lift, something will eventually stop working!

hoisting device of wheelchair lift

3. Broken Parts.

No matter what the lift type is, users may encounter unexpected broken part that seems to go bad for no apparent reason. This actually represents a small percentage of wheelchair lift failures, and it can usually be avoided if the lift is maintained on a regular basis. A typical situation might be a loose bearing or joint that influences a group of lift components. These types of wheelchair lift problems rarely happen out-of-the-blue, and with routine maintenance, you should be able to see the problem starting to occur and fix it before it gets worse.

That about sums it up! The bottom line is that a properly operated and maintained wheelchair lift for the disabled should give you years of reliable service. Read your manual and work closely with your supplier to make sure your lift is ready to work whenever it is. If you have any questions or are having an issue with your lift, please feel free to comment below!