Precautions for installation and use of small Residential Cargo Lift and Residential Cargo Lift.

The main factors that affect the speed of small Residential Cargo Lift and Residential Cargo Lift are as follows:

  1. Power unit conditioning, whether it is a scissor-type small household elevator, a household lift or a guide-type small household elevator, the household lift is controlled by the power unit and the oil cylinder. The power unit is equipped with four outlets during production. Adjust the size, increase or decrease the hydraulic oil flow of the cylinder, we can adjust the hydraulic oil flow by adjusting the motor speed or the electro-hydraulic share valve;
  2. Oil pipe control, the longer the hydraulic oil pipe, the longer the rise time. Therefore, during installation, the length of the oil pipe should be reduced as much as possible within the design allowable range; the size of the oil pipeline can also be adjusted on the basis of adjusting the power unit, and the corresponding can be carried out on the premise of ensuring that the equipment reaches the normal demand and safety. Adjustment.
  3. Cylinder control, cylinder size, reduce the cylinder diameter as much as possible when the design requirements are satisfied. The smaller the cylinder diameter, the faster the ascent speed.
  4. The load of the goods, the tonnage of the goods transported in the second time also affects the speed of lifting. When reaching the small home elevator, the value of the goods transported by the home elevator is the guarantee of speed. If it is too heavy, it will affect the speed. How to deal with the slow down of small Residential Cargo Liftand Residential Cargo Lift:

The first point: Only when the hydraulic small household elevators cannot be started with load, the hydraulic system pressure should be checked. If the pressure is lower than the normal range, the overflow valve setting value can be adjusted.

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The second point: the hydraulic oil has degenerated or has impurities. After the hydraulic oil has been used for a long time, there may be impurities in the hydraulic oil or it has been transformed. Take a sample and check to see if it contains solid particles, color or smell. Replace the hydraulic oil if necessary.

Point 3: The hydraulic line may be blocked. The hydraulic pipeline is also a very important link. Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is unblocked. Wen Shao Lift reminds everyone to check whether the hydraulic valves including one-way stop valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, share regulating valve, overflow valve, etc. are blocked or stuck. If there is a problem, the hydraulic valve should be cleaned or replaced in time.

Fourth point: The hydraulic pump is also an important element that affects the flow of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic pumps that have been used for too long are also prone to problems. When the speed of hydraulic small Residential Cargo Lift and Residential Cargo Lift slow down, you should check whether the oil flow of the hydraulic pump is stable. If you find any problems, contact the manufacturer in time to avoid the warranty period.

Fifth point: There may be leakage in the hydraulic system. Check whether there is leakage in the hydraulic system, and focus on the connection of hydraulic pipes and joints, cylinders, and hydraulic valves. If there is leakage of hydraulic oil, replace the composite pad or surround the raw material belt.

When installing small Residential Cargo Lift, Residential Cargo Lift, small Residential Cargo Lift, home elevator users, for the convenience of loading and unloading goods without affecting traffic, small Residential Cargo Lift, Residential Cargo Lift should be level with the ground. At this time, small Residential Cargo Lift, home elevator manufacturers will To issue a pit drawing, the user must strictly follow the requirements of the drawing to build the pit in advance, and place the equipment in the pit during installation. Building a high-standard pit is a prerequisite for ensuring the high quality of small Residential Cargo Lift and Residential Cargo Lift.