Mezzanine floors are common in warehouses, factories, or logistics centers where cargoes are gathered and needs a huge space to store. Such buildings are a great way to maximize use of existing space, but what is the best way of lifting goods from one mezzanine floor to another?

Traditional loading methods mostly depend on forklifts, trolleys or manual work, which not only yield a low productivity, but also have risks of injury. Nowadays mezzanine goods lift is widely introduced and employed in goods handling business. But forklifts are still used in many warehouses controlled by manpower. This article aims to analyse mezzanine goods lift or forklifts, which one is better to be chosen.

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Goods Lift or Forklift?

1. Safety hazards:

Forklifts are more dynamic and suitable for small loads lifting. But for big warehouses or logistics centers, it may not as powerful as goods lift in terms of load capacity and safety. It can impose an increased risk of accident if the item falls from the forklift when raised at height. While items lifted in a goods lift are secure and safe with no risk of any items falling, reducing injury to workers or damage to the goods.

2. Built-in safety features:

Safety devices and designs of our goods lift ensure the safety and stable work performance in goods handling work. Our goods lifts have a number of built-in safety features including interlocked gates that prevent opening when the lift is not in the correct place, push to run controls and emergency stop buttons, manual emergency lowering and overload sensor. All these parts keep our customers and operators worry-free in jobs.

3. Goods packaging:

Goods that lifted by forklifts have to be packed or palletised neatly in case of falling down during lifting process. Loads do not have to be palletised or packed ready for safe lifting for a hydraulic goods lift platform, saving time, effort and packaging costs.

4. Work space:

More space is required to manoeuvre a forklift to lift goods from one floor to another, because the forklift needs to move in every directions. Mezzanine goods lifts only occupy a very small installation floor space and cannot be moved randomly in your work site.

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5. Work productivity:

Goods lifting with forklift needs a qualified driver and loading workers to cooperate together. And when the forklift is lifting goods, other workers have to wait to load next batch of goods, which causes a loss of productivity. While the vertical cargo lift works faster and loads heavier than forklift, and only one operator can control the machine.

6. Training:

We offer free training for our customers about the instructions and safety guidelines required for the operation of a goods lift. Or customers can send technicians to our factory to learn how to install and operate the lift equipment. Working with a forklift needs expensive and time-consuming fork lift driver training and licensing.

7. Lower operation cost:

Forklifts are a more expensive option in the long term, because many regulatory checks have to be conducted due to their poor safety record. In addition, the costs of driver qualification are ongoing. Maintenance costs of a mezzanine goods lift are minimal and frequently confined to a yearly service to ensure good condition and work efficiency.

forklift lifting8. Bespoke goods lifts available:

Our goods lift elevator can be manufactured custom-built to suit the customer’s individual application. For instance, in addition to loading capacity, lifting height and platform size, other special designs like steel mesh enclosure, ramp, roller shutter door, etc can all be customized to your requests.

9. Business expansion:

In the long term, a forklift is not enough to take on all loading and offloading tasks for a company or a factory. Investing a goods lift is a potential and profitable thing to upgrade your business.

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10. One-stop service:

The supply of a mezzanine goods lift from MORN LIFT is a one-stop job. For instance, we supply CE marked lifts, fully compliant with UK regulations, built to fit seamlessly into your individual application. We carry out installation, advise on health and safety regulations, and offer ongoing maintenance and servicing support.

11. Overseas door-to-door service:

We have more than a decade of exporting experience, during which our overseas services are improving year by year. We can send professional installation teams to your country to help install the lift and teach your operators how to use and maintain it.

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