Mobile scissor lift has a wide popularity in aerial jobs in which workers are elevated up and down to implement maintenance, construction or goods placement tasks. As a mechanical assistant, it has to be safe and stable enough to guarantee the safety of users.

MORN LIFT is committed to each user’s security and benefits via strict quality control and professional service. High strength scissor structures cooperate with efficient hydraulic system to form the stable basics of MORN LIFT scissor lift products. Here 3 types of mobile scissor lifts are introduced to help you understand our manufacturing mission and safety concept.

Type A: Standard Mobile Scissor Lift

This type is movable by manual power or towable by a trailer vehicle, which is free from the limitation of electricity and saves operation cost. Only one worker is able to move the whole scissor lift from one place to another.

standard mobile scissor lift

AC power or DC power can be opted to control the lifting & lowering process of the mobile scissor lift platform. DC power is an ideal choice for trailing scissor lift which is used in outdoor or remote sites without available power supply. For example, DC lifting power is of great convenience to workers who install or maintain street lights, advertising boards, historical sites and so on.

Battery charger (DC Power)

Type B: Mobile Scissor Lift with Walking Assistant

This type is conveniently characterized by the battery-assisted walking ability. Also only one user could control its moving direction effortlessly. This function enhanced the flexibility of turning and saved much labor paid for the moving process.

mobile scissor lift with walking assistant

But users should regularly charge the battery to sufficiently employ the advantages of such mobile scissor lift with walking assistant. And the power supply must be cut off when the battery is charged, or the charger has the risk of burning down.

Type C: Mobile Scissor Lift with Steering Control

The biggest feature of this type is that users can drive the scissor lift transferring to another work site, during which the scissor structures and outriggers must be retracted for the sake of security.

mobile scissor lift with steering control

It offers a faster and easier way to move the mobile scissor lift work platform. Motivated by DC power, the steering control coordinates with accelerator & foot brake, almost the same work principle with car driving, shortening the time of work shift.

All these 3 types of mobile scissor lift tables from MORN LIFT are featured with compact mechanical design that takes safety factors into full consideration. Safety devices are engineered to keep each aerial job is finished safely and efficiently.

mobile scissor lift table

  • Interlocking Outriggers: 4 outriggers are connected within an interlocking system. Only when 4 outriggers are all unfolded can the scissor lift platform lifts up and down.
  • Leveling Adjustment: it’s used to adjust the levelness of outriggers to ensure the whole lift chassis stays a horizontal state. Then aerial workers can work stably and safely without swing or inclination.
  • Emergency Drop Valve: if power fail or emergency happens during aerial work, loosen this valve to lift down the workers safely.

mobile scissor lift Platform controller

Besides, there are many other user-friendly devices and safety designs such as anti-skid platform, solid tires, tool box, working alarm and platform controller. They all facilitates aerial work and protects worker’s safety by working cooperatively.

For further information about mobile scissor lift operation or application from MORN LIFT, please leave a message below or directly contact us now. Professional customized lifting solution is waiting for your choice.