Workers are often worried about the movement of the lift when do not use it. Now MORN provides more choices for advanced self drive scissor lifts, such as total self propelled scissor lifts and half self propelled scissor lift. The newly half self drive scissor lift needs to be steady when it is working. In this article, we will list the features of this new lift. Let’s see it in details.

None working status

self drive scissor lift

When it is at none working status, people can drive it to other places. It can walk on flat grounds very well. Now it is using it’s battery power for movement. Worker only needs to stand at the work cage and control the speed and direction.

Working status

self drive scissor lift

When it needs to be lifted up, people can stop it and open the supporting legs to keep steady conditions. When the legs are at right position, it can be lifted up. At this step, the lift also uses battery power.

Steering wheel

self drive scissor lift

To control walking direction and also can control the lift to lift up and down.

Working cage

self drive scissor lift

It has accelerator and breaker just like the car. Workers will be very easy to control the lift walking when stand up in the working cage.


This new model scissor lift is much economic than total self propelled scissor lifts. As for the prices, please leave inquires to MORN Professional sales, who can give you details with prices.