How to use scissor lift

Before operation

  1. Only trained and qualified personnel can operate the lift.
  2. The protective railings shall not be less than 1 m, and can bear a static concentrated load of 1000N. Check that the working platform is solid and there is no grease and other substances that are easy to slip.
  3. Before the scissor lift is put into operation, it is necessary to level the chassis with outriggers and pad the feet firmly.
  4. Site conditions (uneven, collapse, slope, ice) rain, snow, strong wind (when the wind speed reaches 15 meters per hour) is prohibited.

mobile scissor lift application

During operation

  1. When working on the scissor lift, the personnel shall select a firm and reliable fastening point according to the site conditions, hang the safety belt and wear the safety helmet.
  2. Warning enclosure must be set on the ground below the operation site, and the warning range shall be carried out according to the requirements of climbing operation certificate. The guardian shall supervise the operation and wear safety helmet.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to cross the protective railings or step on the railings. It is strictly forbidden to use boards, ladders or other facilities for extra height operation on the scissor lift.
  4. Driving operation
  5. a) Before the lifting table is running, the working table must be lowered to the lowest position to cut off the lifting power of the working table. When the lifting table is in transit, no person or load is allowed on the working table (except for special lifting table).b) The operation of the lift truck must be carried out according to the requirements of the relevant vehicle.
  6. c) In case ofthe operator of the self-propelled lifting platform:

Relevant traffic rules must be observed; during normal operation, sudden stop, sudden start, high-speed change and reverse braking are not allowed; when going up and down the slope slowly, if it is necessary to change on the ramp or drive across the ramp, measures must be taken to prevent overturning; after parking, the control device should be in the middle position, the power source should be turned off, and the parking brake works; when the driving power is electric power, attention should be paid to it Wiring phase (motor rotation direction).

  1. Lifting operation

Before lifting operation, the driving power source must be cut off first. When the lifting power is power, the wiring phase (motor rotation direction) should be paid attention to.

  1. a) Before the lifting platform is put into operation, it is necessary to level the chassis with outriggers and pad the feet firmly (the same as the requirements before operation). b) The operator must pay attention and operate according to the operation sequence specified in the instruction manual.
  2. c) In the process of lifting and lowering, the worktable should be stable and flexible, and there should be no sudden jump or jamming. If the above phenomenon occurs, stop the machine immediately for inspection and try to eliminate it before working.
  3. d) In case of any of the following situations, the hydraulic system shall be shut down for inspection immediately and measures shall be taken to eliminate:

— abnormal noise;

— rapid rise of oil temperature;

——Abnormal oil cylinder pressure and return oil pressure;