Requirements for small  and industrial elevator pit construction:

  1. When pouring the ground of the pit, use construction cement (material: powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious material) to level, the unevenness should be less than 5mm, and the depth of the pit (including embedded parts) is based on the small industrial lift and industrial lift. Production of specific data provided by the manufacturer. The thickness of the concrete is not less than 15mm.

What are the requirements for the construction of small industrial lift and industrial elevator pits?

  1. The depth and elevation of the pit (the channel (the height of the channel is the same, and the length and width are about 10cm longer than the equipment. According to the specifications and models of the small industrial lift and industrial lift, the manufacturer will provide different embedded parts). The purpose of pre-embedded iron parts is to weld the equipment and iron parts together to increase the reliability of the fixation of the whole machine. If the construction of the pit is unreasonable, the elevator (fixed cannot be level) will form the security of the goods and the center of gravity during the lifting process. Inclined, the equipment is not evenly stressed, and it is easy to damage one side or part of the connecting parts and support rods of the machine. The service life is naturally reduced.
  2. The diagonals of the pit opening and the bottom of the pit should be flat, and the walls should be straight with each other and with the bottom of the pit. Straight
  3. The opening of each floor should be the same size as the pit, and the four sides should be straight to each other.
  4. If the foundation is wet, it should be treated with moisture. If there is water in the pit, a drainage ditch should be made to prevent corrosion of small industrial lift and industrial lift.

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Some tips during use

  1. Matters needing attention
  2. When the platform is installed and used, the work surface should be kept level.
  3. During the lifting process of the platform, it is strictly forbidden for all personnel to climb. If maintenance is required, the platform should be lifted

The platform can only be secured.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to overload the platform during use, and the contents should be placed in the middle of the work surface.

Heart position, do not move or load.

  1. The hydraulic oil used should be kept clean and not mixed with water and other impurities.
  2. When the platform fails, the power supply should be cut off in time for maintenance.


  1. The lift is a scissor lift, and its rotating part is connected by the shaft pin and the shaft sleeve. In order to reduce friction, there is a grease nozzle at the end of the shaft pin for filling with grease. The platform is used for 80 hours, about 10 Today, it is necessary to add grease.
  2. The hydraulic oil should be replaced every 200 hours after the elevator has been operated for 200 hours. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is 22-46mm/S; the working environment temperature is high, the high viscosity hydraulic oil must be filtered. The hydraulic oil is generally N46 in summer and N32 in winter.
  3. After working for 80 hours, about 10 days, check the screw cap on the pin to see if there is any looseness. If there is such a phenomenon, deal with it urgently.