How to operate the Electric type hydraulic manual scissor lift properly?

Hydraulic mobile scissor lift can be used in the factory, warehouse, public places, stations and many other places. It provides user a good choice for aerial working.

mobile scissor lift

Scissor lift platform is self-moving driven by the reduction motor fixed on gear side of the scissor base structure, powered by batteries. Operator There is speed controlling handle on the tow bar, control the moving speed by rotate the speed controlling handle. Only one people could operate the forward, backward and turning require.

※Before moving the lift, operator must check and confirm the platform is in fully lowered position and all the outriggers are in folded condition.

mobile scissor lift

Steps for moving:

1)turn on the power switch, electric quantity indicator on and shows the electricity quantity;

2)choose FOR or REV gears per need

3)Towing the tow bar, rotate the speed controlling handle on tow bar and rotate the tow bar to achieve turning require of lift.

  1. Lifting up/down instruction

Safety Precautions

Forbid lifting up if the lift was put on unsound or out-of-level ground.

Forbid working on unstable ground, especially when ground is empty or surface relief.

When doing maintenance, lift must be power off.

Forbid using platform as ground wire when do welding works.

Forbid lifting up and working when wind force equal or exceed level-6 on working site.

Forbid working in thunderstorm weather.

Forbid moving lift or folding the outriggers when the lift is carrying load or people.

Forbid operating before the outriggers are extended and the lift is horizontally leveled.

Forbid sitting, standing or climbing the guarding rails when working on platform.

Forbid overload than 500KG, especially the extension deck on platform, forbid overload than 100KG.

Forbid hanging anything out of the guard rails.

Forbid modification on the platform that may cause any influence on its stability.

Forbid any obstacles or people under platform during operation in case of any danger or risk.

Hydraulic lifting platform (platform for short) has been tested and debugging at the factory , and all technical specifications meet the design requirements. Users only need to follow the steps to operate the platform.

2. inspection:

Platform for initial use (after long distance transportation or long time of storage) should be carefully examined in the hydraulic pipeline, electrical system to make sure that there is no leakage of hydraulic pipeline or joints and no loosen on electrical lines. After inspecting, the platform could be operated.

Outriggers extend and fix:

Outriggers should be fully extended to baffle and supported by solid ground, if necessary, operator could use sleeper to enable the balance of platform through the legs screw (visually).

Forbid operating without outriggers fixed properly.

Trial run:

(1) Connect lift with AC power 380V/50Hz/3 phase.

(2) Press the “up” button on hand controller under the platform near the tow bar, and the platform lift up, stop pressing the button when platform goes up to about 5m high. Checking the hydraulic pipelines, the joints and electrical lines for any leaking and scraping, ensure the platform is the longitudinal vertical (visually) before lifting to the maximum height. This step must be repeated when we use the platform for the first time or working site is changed.

(3) Press the “down” button for platform lift down.

(4) The control mode is inching control.

Lifting up/down operation:

After 1-3 times of above Trial Run and confirming no abnormal conditions, the platform  be put into operation.

(1) When the platform is used for material lifting, the materials or goods should be put in the centre of the platform. Forbid moving material or goods while lifting up/down.

(2) When the platform is used for man aerial work, guardrail and the platform door must be fixed properly or locked, avoid any falling of people or material. Forbid walking and wobbling while lifting up/down.

(3) Operation finished, press the “down” button, so that the platform lower down to original height; disconnect the power; fold the outriggers, and put the lift in storage properly.

  1. Maintenance instruction

A trained personal staff is responsible for the operation and maintenance of this platform.

Charge the batteries timely when the electric quantity indicator shows electricity quantity is in low level. Charge time is about 6-8 hours. Charge AC input should be 220V/50Hz/1 phase. When the platform is out of use for a long time, make sure charge the batteries once a month to protect the batteries and increase its service lift.

Hydraulic oil should be replaced every half year. Use No.32 # anti-wear hydraulic oil during winter, and No.46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil in summer.

Platform should be properly stored when it is not in use, covering dust guard and fold up the outriggers. Forbid outdoor storage.

According to the platform using frequency,  carry out inspections and maintenance weekly or annually :

To check the platform connection pin nuts no loose, and falls off

To check the hydraulic tubing no rupture, connectors no leakage and loose

To check the electrical lines no linking, bare

To check all joints of controlling box no loose, the light is working properly

To check the electrical, hydraulic valves block, the control handle, the button   operating flexible

To check the switch of the lower and higher limit position no loose, damaged

To check the lubrication state of strut and cylinder pin, handling into enough oil

To maintain the glide path often in lubrication, wheel and the slide no dry friction.

customer testing mobile scissor lift