Have a requirement for moving goods? Whether down to manual handling issues or to improve efficiency we can help you identify the type of goods lift you require. Choosing the right goods lift can seem like a difficult task, for there is a wealth of options according to types, sizes and loads. Here at MORN we are going to make it easier by asking these 5 simple questions.

1. What tasks do you want your lift to perform?

This may seem a strange starting point but the whole idea is to make work easier, staff safer and customers happy with your standard of service. So we need to know what function you need the lift to perform and how many daily journeys (travel from one floor to another) it will make.

2. How much weight do you need to move in one journey?

The weight and volume of each load (the items you put in the lift) determines the lift capacity and platform size required. You may need to move large boxes of light objects or small boxes of heavy items. These two examples may not require the same lift platform size but may need the same weight capability. It is essential to get this right as overloaded warehouse goods lifts will not function efficiently.

3. What distance do you need to move your goods over and is there more than two stops rcargo goods liftequired at levels/floors?

This will determine the structure, lifting height and position of your lift within your building. If you intend to install the cargo lift elevator in indoor site, the lift should go through the mezzanine between floors, which requires your building is constructed or modified properly to fit the lift installation. We have both standard and customized models to cater to different work sites. Just contact us to find your fit!

4. How many lifts will you ideally need?

This depends on the size of your operation, the speed at which you need to move goods and the number of staff using the lifts. It is also determined by the size and arrangement of your premises. If your warehouse needs a group of cargo elevator lifts to handle a large number of goods in daily work, we can offer you a combo price with full service that covers installation, operation training, technical support and lifetime after-sales service.

5. What services will you get from your lift supplier?

As a professional and responsible goods lift manufacturer from China, we are committed to provide reliable pre-sales and after-sales service. As for the warranty of our goods lift, goods lift powered by gear reducer has 5-year warranty for main structure and 2 years for the whole lift, and hydraulic goods lift has 5-year warranty for main structure and 1 year for the whole lift. Lifetime tech support is available for all MORN products and overseas installation/training service is also offered to your requirement. Our aim of customer service is to offer the most suitable lifting solution for each user.

If you have more questions about our goods lifts then please visit our website or just tell us your questions in the comment box below.