The goods lifting machine is a special hydraulic lift platform used to transport goods between the heights of the building. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the floors of various operations, and the car lifting between the floors of the three-dimensional garage and the underground garage. Where are general freight elevators used?

cutomization cargo lift

The hydraulic system of the hydraulic goods lifting machine is equipped with anti-falling and overload safety protection devices. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and the work surface of the lifting platform to complete multi-point control.

The hydraulic lift freight elevator has sturdy layout, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient device protection. It is an economical and practical low-floor large cargo transportation equipment instead of traditional elevators. According to the installation environment and application requirements of the freight elevator, choose different optional equipment to get a good use effect.

The hydraulic cylinder of the lift freight elevator is made of high-strength materials and outstanding mechanical functions. The tower-shaped ladder-shaped guard frame makes the lift platform more stable. Even at high altitude, you can feel its superior smooth function. Widely used in warehouses, workshops, building floors and other occupations and categories.

The hydraulic freight elevator adopts steel frame layout or high-strength steel plate layout, and the load-bearing increase ranges from 0.1 to 10 tons, and the size can be customized according to user needs.

The operation method can be divided into up and down control and single-person control on the ground, or multi-layer control. Elevating freight elevators are used in production lines and warehouses, papermaking, medicine and other occupations. They can be used as delivery elevators to transport goods and lift smoothly.

What are the common faults when using guide rail elevator equipment?

Goods lifting machine has become a popular product in the aerial work market in recent years. In order to allow customers to obtain better results in use, it is also necessary to eliminate unstable factors during use.

  1. The guide rail elevator is overloaded, and the load must be within the rated range. Overloading will not improve work efficiency, on the contrary, it will seriously shorten the service life of the guide rail elevator.
  2. The pin shaft is faulty. The pin shaft is an important movable part between the support rods. Once it is unable to move freely, it will cause the guide rail elevator to lift inflexibly and cause unstable factors.
  3. The hydraulic system is faulty. The main inspection items are to check whether the motor is running normally; check whether it is blocked; check whether the seal is good.
  4. The electrical system has poor contact. The main inspection items are: check whether the voltage of the rail lift is stable; check whether the electric box indicator light is working properly; check whether the lift switch has poor contact.
  5. There may be a lot of impurities in the hydraulic oil of the elevator. The hydraulic oil is an important medium for the work of the guide rail elevator. Therefore, if there are a lot of impurities in the hydraulic oil, it is easy to be blocked when it flows into the hydraulic components, resulting in unstable lifting.

In order to ensure the good use of the fixed lift freight elevator, we must do a good job in the maintenance of the lifting machinery. If you have some needs about our goods lifting machine, please confirm the paramater you need, and please contact us freely to tell us what you need. Then we will send details to you and to customize the lift you need.