Mobile scissor lift, named also as self-propelled scissor lift, is a major type of scissor lift table family and plays a significant role in modern industrial and commercial practice. It can be used in workshops, warehouse, granary, stations and some other outdoor sites where equipment installation, maintenance and construction jobs are needed to be done. Moved by manual power or electric power, mobile scissor lifts can elevate people and/or goods to aerial workplaces conveniently.

To choose a perfect mobile scissor lift for your work, you should firstly know what configurations it has. Generally, there are standard configurations and optional ones when buying a scissor lift table.

mobile scissor lift

1.Standard Configurations

Standard configurations are fundamental parts that all mobile scissor lifts are equipped with by manufacturers. You only need to choose the proper configurations which match your work and installing conditions, like installing dimensions, lifting height, loading capacity and voltage size. Specified standard configurations of a mobile scissor lift consist of:

a.Safety trip bar, controlled by limit switches to prevent the scissor lift platform from falling down and causing injuries.
b.Removable guardrails, installed around the platform to protect workers when they implement aerial jobs.
c.Safety maintenance bar, installed at the bottom of platform to help maintain the mobile scissor lift.
d.Work indicator, to tell whether the machine is running or not.

mobile scissor lift

2.Optional Configurations

Although standard configurations can meet your work need basically, optional configurations are more personalized and considerate in each user’s practice. In order to provide users with professional service, mobile scissor lift manufacturers designed these optional configurations to ensure more safety and convenience. And they have to be paid additionally as per your own need. These optional configurations mainly include:

a.Overload alarm, to warn users whether they load too much weight on the scissor lift platform for the purpose of safety.
b.Interlocking device, can be installed on the platform and landing door (optional) to ensure the lift table can work only when the platform doors and landing doors are both locked to stay safe.
c.Safety PVC skirt, to be covered on the scissor structure, safe and beautiful.

mobile scissor lift

In addition to the above configurations, we can also provide customized service for all customers. You can describe all your ideas on how to design or install the mobile scissor lift for your workplaces. Then our engineers and technicians will try to offer as satisfying products as you anticipated. And welcome to contact us for lift table equipment.