Mainstream aerial working platforms – large scissor lifts and boom lifts, which work like a fish in the pond during outdoor operations, often watch far from indoor operations due to load and height limitations of building doors, elevators, mezzanines, etc.

MORN LIFT small scissor lifts for indoor uses, designed to be very compact and light, easily fit through most standard doorways, tight aisles, or any other narrow space that requires attention. The smallest scissor lifts can even be placed in an elevator and are ideal for narrow working sites. Small scissor lifts perfectly adapt to the various indoor operating environment, and have wide applications include construction projects, high-ceiling maintenance, painting, installation projects, warehouse picking and stocking, movie sets, sporting events, or any application that requires you to conduct work at heights higher than standard ladders can accommodate.

Small scissor lifts for indoor construction operations

Great Mobility And Flexibility

Small scissor lifts offer great mobility and flexibility around worksites. When the small scissor lift is folded, its height can be as low as 1.66 meters, which can easily fit through the construction elevators of average height.

sma scissor lift for indoor use 1small scissor lift for indoor use2

The slim base enables it to go through very narrow spaces effortlessly. MORN LIFT small scissor lift can be narrow as 0.76m.

small scissor lift for indoor use3

Large scissor lifts need to be transported by crane, or broken windows to enter and exit the tall building for operation.

small scissor lift for indoor use4

The maximum working height of MORN LIFT small scissor lift can reach 7 meters, which is sufficiently suitable for operation at heights in high buildings.

Furthermore, the volume of the scissor lift is small, and the weight is much lower than the load of 1600kg of the passenger elevators in general high-rise buildings. Thus can easily enter and exit the passenger elevators of residential buildings and office buildings.

Efficient operation

The battery-driven small scissor lift (self-propelled small scissor lift) has the advantages of high efficiency, strong power, energy-saving and environmental protection. Compared with scaffolding, the self-traveling small scissor platform lift is easy to move and highly efficient in operation.

Construction Cases 

Hospital Project

The internal floor space of the hospital project is generally 3 to 4 meters high. If medium and large-scale aerial work platforms are used, it will be “large and small”

small scissor lift for indoor use5

Combined with the actual operating environment, the project selected a small scissor platform that has the advantages of strong accessibility and flexibility to enter and exit the passenger elevator. With the help of the small scissor platform, the interior decoration project of the hospital is advancing rapidly.

small scissor lift for indoor use6

Residential Project

small scissor lift for indoor use7

Shopping mall underground garage project

small scissor lift for indoor use8small scissor lift for indoor use9

Metro Project

small scissor lift for indoor use10small scissor lift for indoor use11

Small scissor lift for indoor height operations

In addition to the operating environment in indoor construction, the small scissor lift has a wide range of applications and is also suitable for warehouse picking and stocking, home improvement supermarkets, high-ceiling maintenance, painting, installation projects, movie sets, sporting events, etc.

Market Prospects of small scissor lifts rentals

Well returns  

The purchase price of small scissor lift is low, whereas the rental price is basically the same as mainstream scissor lifts, thus the return rate is high.

Low transportation cost

Thanks to its small size and lightweight, the small scissor lift have very low transportation cost.

small scissor lift for indoor use12

Low maintenance cost

In view of good working conditions, the damage possibility of the whole machine is relatively low and the maintenance cost is low.

When dealing with different working conditions and different scenarios, choosing suitable aerial work equipment can maximize the benefits. MORN LIFT small scissor lifts extend the company’s product coverage in the low-medium height floors, strengthen the market competitiveness of the leasing company, and enhance economic benefit.

With the continuous acceleration of domestic urbanization, the construction of high-rise buildings will be more and more, and the demand for ascending operations in high buildings will be increasing.

Excellent helper for working at heights indoors

Currently, MORN LIFT high cost-effective small scissor lifts have been widely praised and become another “strategic highland” for renters to compete for.

Boasting compact size and flexibility, low market ownership, high rental competitiveness, small scissor lifts created another “blue ocean” in the rental market and become another strategic ace for aerial lift renters and contractors.