How to maintain car lift and maintenance skills

Hydraulic Car Lift is specially designed to transfer cars from on floor to other floors. Our car lift now is pretty welcomed by automobile 4S stores, car showrooms, garages and some other sites. The control panels of car lift are installed on the lift platform, user-friendly and easy-operating.

How to properly maintain the car lift? The normal maintenance of a car lift is related to the use and service life of a car lift. Incorrect maintenance methods can easily damage the normal use of the car lift, so how to maintain the car lift.

Maintain steps of car lift

  1. The car liftmust be used correctly, and the operators must be systematically trained in the operation: regular inspections of the operating specifications should be carried out.
  2. The maintenance of the car liftshould be regularly lubricated: during the use of the lift table, because the load is relatively large, the friction between the various components is also relatively large, especially the elevator chain and the elevator shaft pin. Make sure that the amount is appropriate before each use. Add lubricating oil to ensure flexibility when running. If the “creak” sound of friction occurs during the operation of the lift, it can basically be concluded that the elevator lacks lubricating oil. It is necessary to stop work immediately, find the cause, and cannot force operation, which can easily cause unforeseen hidden dangers.
  3. Regularly replace the hydraulic oil of the elevator: The hydraulic oil used in the elevator is divided into winter and summer. This is a place that many elevator customers don’t pay attention to. They often use the hydraulic oil once and use it for a long time regardless of it. It is only noticed when the hydraulic cylinder of the elevator is working abnormally. So how to replace the elevator hydraulic oil is correct. In winter, when the weather is cold, the elevator hydraulic oil tends to become viscous. Therefore, use thinner elevator hydraulic oil. In summer, the weather is relatively hot and the temperature is relatively high. The oil tends to become thinner, so use a thicker one. The hydraulic oil replacement cycle of the elevator should be determined according to the local weather conditions. When replacing the hydraulic oil, use a filter to filter out the impurities in the hydraulic oil and store it for the next replacement in the coming year.
  4. The important point of maintaining thecar lift is that no matter the lift is allowed to have any abnormality, you must stop working immediately, contact the after-sales service of supplier, explain the abnormality of the lift, cooperate with the inspection of the lift, and solve the abnormality as soon as possible before re-starting.

Keep hydraulic oil clean

The clean hydraulic oil of the car lift is the life of the hydraulic system. There are many coupling parts in the hydraulic system, some have damping holes, some have gaps, etc. If solid impurities invade, it will cause damage to the coupler, hairpins, blockage of the oil passage, etc., and endanger the operation of the hydraulic system. Common ways for solid impurities to invade the hydraulic system include: dirty hydraulic oil; dirty refueling tools; careless refueling, repair and maintenance; desquamation of hydraulic components, etc.

1. When refueling

The hydraulic oil is filtered and filled, and the refueling tools should be reliable and clean. It is not possible to remove the filter at the fuel tank filler opening in order to increase the fueling speed. Fueling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solid impurities and fiber impurities from falling into the oil.

1. During maintenance

Remove the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, filter cap, inspection hole, hydraulic tubing and other parts. When the system oil passage is exposed, avoid dust. The disassembled parts must be thoroughly cleaned before opening. For example, when removing the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, first remove the dirt around the fuel tank cap, loosen the fuel tank cap, and the debris remaining in the joint (cannot be washed with water to prevent water from infiltrating the fuel tank), and then open the fuel tank cap after confirming that it is clean. If you need to use a wiping material and a hammer, you should choose a wiping material that does not remove fiber impurities and a special hammer with rubber attached to the striking surface. Hydraulic components and hydraulic hoses should be carefully cleaned and assembled after drying with high-pressure air. Use a well-packed filter element (the inner packaging is damaged, although the filter element is intact, it may be unclean). Clean the filter at the same time when changing the oil. Before installing the filter element, use the wipe material to carefully clean the bottom dirt in the filter housing.

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