When looking at the picture of a trailing articulated boom lift in work, people are likely to think about that a spider is lying on the floor. A very vivid imagination, isn’t it? In order to learn the structure and work principles of the trailing boom lifts, this article will elaborate them step by step.

trailing boom lift

1.Main Components

 Boom: the fist boom, the second boom and the telescopic boom.
 Hydraulic cylinders: to hold and offer power to the booms.
 Tires: to move the trailing boom lifts.
 Hydraulic supporting legs: to firm and adjust the height of the towable boom lift.
 Motor power: to offer power to the whole boom lift equipment.
 Control box & control panel: to control the operation and safety of using the trailing boom lift.
 Working cage/platform: for workers to stand on to implement aerial jobs.

trailing boom lift

2.Types of Motor Power

 AC power is generally a standard configuration, and is suitable for using in those workplaces where electric power is available for easy use.
 Battery power and petrol power are optional if no available electric power can be used in your work sites.
 If the trailer boom lift will be used both indoors and outdoors, hybrid power can also be chosen, which can meet your different need in practice.

3.Safety Devices

 Dual controllers – control box is installed at the bottom of the boom for ground operation; control panel are used to operate the booms specifically.
 The emergency drop button is installed in each boom in case of power failure and some other accidents, so that the booms can be lowered and retracted.
 Guardrails that prevent workers’ hands from being hurt or collided by tree branches and other obstacles are designed in the platform.
 Four hydraulic outriggers ensure the trailer mounted boom lifts are more stable and safe.

working cage

Trailing boom lifts are helpful and convenient equipment to maintain the street lights and high-rise buildings, and are also used in shop malls or other public places. For more questions about the machine, please visit the linked website and directly contact us now.