What should I do if the warehouse elevator lift is easy to come out?

During the use of the warehouse elevator lift, minor failures will inevitably occur due to the negligence of the administrator or improper maintenance, such as: a series of problems such as the platform cannot be upgraded, and similar problems, how can they be eliminated?

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warehouse elevator lift

warehouse elevator lift appears weak or unable to lift the workbench:

  1. Overload; the elimination method is to reduce the load.
  2. The oil return valve is not closed; the troubleshooting method is to tighten the oil return valve.
  3. The one-way valve of the manual pump is stuck and the return fails; the troubleshooting method is to repair, clean, and replace the clean hydraulic oil.
  4. The manual pump and the gear pump have serious oil leakage; the gear pump is damaged and the output oil has no pressure; the hydraulic oil is insufficient; the circuit is open; the filter is blocked; the support valve or the reversing valve fails to operate; the solenoid coil input voltage is insufficient; The iron coil is burned out; the spool is stuck. These are all factors that cause the lifting platform workbench to be weak or unable to rise. The solution is: replace the seal ring, replace the gear pump, add enough hydraulic oil, repair the electrical system, replace or clean, repair or replace.

Oil leakage of the warehouse elevator lift:

The joint is loose; the sealing ring is damaged. The troubleshooting method is to tighten the joint shear fork at the oil leakage and replace it.

The worktable of the warehouse elevator lift slides down:

The shut-off valve is not tightly closed, or there is oil leakage at the valve connection; the troubleshooting method is to tighten the shut-off valve or repair and tighten or replace the sealing ring.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of warehouse elevator lift

Unsteady descent of warehouse elevator lift worktable:

  1. Load overload, the elimination method is to reduce the load.
  2. The eccentric load is serious, the elimination method is to adjust the center of gravity.
  3. Add air to the oil circuit. The elimination method is to add enough hydraulic oil.
  4. If the oil is dirty, the removal method is to replace the hydraulic oil.

① Establish a three-filter system. When the oil is transferred to the barrel or filled with oil, three filtrations are required, that is, filter when rotating the barrel, filter when receiving the oil, and filter when adding oil to the equipment. And pay attention to the cleanliness of oil drums, oil injection ports, funnel ports, etc., to prevent impurities from entering the oil ports.

②Establish a container cleaning system. Oil containers should be cleaned frequently and strictly managed to prevent confusion and ensure that the containers are clean.

③Establish oil custody system. The oil entering the warehouse should be stored and kept according to the brand name, and it is strictly prohibited to store it in disorder. At the same time, it should not be placed in the open, sun or rain, and should not be near the fire source.

④Establish a new oil tank laboratory test system. Before the oil storage, sampling and testing must be carried out first, and unqualified oil products are not allowed to be used in the storage, and the quality of the oil when entering the storage is strictly controlled.

⑤Establish a regular sampling and testing system for stock oils. In order to ensure the quality of the oil products out of the warehouse, it is necessary to regularly sample and test the stock oil. Oil products found to be unqualified after laboratory tests shall be processed in time, and shall not be used without the consent of the relevant technical department.

⑥Establish a label storage system. In order to avoid confusion of hydraulic oil types, the label should be filled in and recorded in time.

Summary: Having said so much, have you learned the hydraulic oil storage management of warehouse elevator lift? It is worth noting that the elevator uses 32# hydraulic oil in winter and 46# hydraulic oil in summer. Don’t make a mistake when taking the oil.