The detachable mobile loading dock ramp can be chosen if you’re considering an upgrade or add-on to your current loading dock or material handling facility. Here are the key benefits you’ll enjoy by choosing a detachable loading ramp.

Three-Piece Detachable Ramp Structure

Different from common one-piece loading dock ramp, the detachable type is designed specially for easy transportation and storage. For example, a common loading ramp has to be loaded and shipped by a 40’ container, while the detachable type can be delivered with a 20’ container by detaching it into 3 parts and stacking them together. Thus the shipping cost can be saved considerably.

loading dock ramp shipment

6 Heavy-Duty Supporting Legs

There are 6 heavy-duty supporting legs configured in the detachable container ramp, of which 2 pairs supporting legs are installed in the joint part of the the ramp body to ensure the sturdiness and load capacity. They firmly hold the weight of the ramp and forklift carrying goods. In addition, you could adjust the height of the loading dock ramp by adjusting the height of supporting legs manually. Its load capacity can be designed as 6t, 8t, 10t and 12t, which could meet a big range of work requirement.

supporting legs of yard ramp

Mechanical Steel Beams and Hooks

The three parts of the detachable yard ramp are strongly supported and connected by steel beams at the bottom of the ramp plate. When forklift is moving on the ramp, the weight can be dispersed on the whole ramp, prolonging the work life and guaranteeing safety. Plus, there are hooks used for reinforcing the connection of each two parts, making the detachable parts joint steadily and durably.

hook on container ramp

Additional Features

Anti-skid checked platform of the container loading ramp can effectively prevent the forklift from sliding backward. The rust removing and powder shooting manufacturing process also help with the longer work lifespan and durability of the ramp.

yard ramp platform

Besides, the detachable yard ramp can be detached into 3 parts that can be stacked and stored in warehouse when not in use. This can save you 2/3 floor space than the traditional container ramp.

For more information about our loading dock ramp models and types, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you professional goods handling solutions based on our 18-year manufacturing experience.