Code for safe use of scissor type aerial work platform

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At present, more and more aerial work platforms are recognized and widely used in China. While working at heights brings convenience to our work, we have to face some potential safety hazards. For example, in the construction site, the scissor lift platform should focus on preventing its overturning, scraping, electric shock, etc. If there is a need for a special person to manage the power consumption in the construction, it should be led from the designated power point to the construction power distribution cabinet according to the notice of the engineering department. In addition, unauthorized connection is not allowed. All electric tools shall be equipped with leakage protector, and electric equipment shall be provided with zero connection protection and repeated grounding. In the daily use process, we should also focus on the inspection before use, monitoring in use, maintenance after use, etc. in the use process, we should focus on the following points:

  1. The operators of scissor type aerial work platform must participate in the training of fall protection and use of lift truck before starting to operate the equipment.
  2. The body of scissor type aerial work platform should be labeled with the following contents: the lifting speed limit, rated load capacity, maximum lifting height, manufacturer’s name and production date, etc.
  3. The installed elevator shall be checked and accepted by the on-site safety engineer before use, and can be put into use after hanging the permit card.
  4. The lift truck user must check the lift and fill in the checklist before using it every day.
  5. Users of scissor type aerial work platform shall operate and use it in accordance with the operation regulations of the lift truck.
  6. The working area of scissor type aerial work platform must be on the open and flat ground, and it is not allowed to run on the uneven ground.
  7. The platform legs must be fully opened and firmly supported.
  8. When the platform is in the rising position, the operator cannot leave.
  9. Personnel using scissor type aerial work platform must wear full body safety belt.During the lifting process, the safety belt shall be attached to the platform, basket or the fastening point manufactured by the manufacturer. When the scissor type aerial work platform is lifted to the working height, the safety belt shall not be tied to the platform, but shall be tied to the reliable hanging point of other structures. If there is no reliable hanging point, the steel wire rope shall be used to hang on the steel beam or concrete beam, and the safety belt shall be hung on the steel rope ring.
  10.  During operation, it is forbidden to arbitrarily move the inlet and outlet throttle of oil cooler. If it is necessary to switch, it should be carried out under the supervision of the team leader in strict accordance with the procedure order and the operation order. The change of lubricating oil pressure should be closely monitored during the operation.If the oil pressure fluctuates, stop the operation immediately.
  11. The oil level of oil tank shall be kept normal and the pressure difference of oil filter screen shall be cleaned in time.After overhaul, filter screen should be installed on the oil inlet pipe of each bearing for oil circulation.
  12. 1Warning signs shall be set up for full-time maintenance personnel.