This electric scissor lift can walk fast or slowly at different working height condition, it can be completed in a convenient continuously operating. The platform has up and down, forward, backward, turn around. This post mainly covers two aspects as below:

  • The configuration of electric scissor lift
  • Test of 10m scissor lift

The configuration of electric scissor lift

This product is made ​​of high-quality structural steel, laser welding, soldering electronic robot-sided double-sided molding process, imported Italian pump station, and Amerian imported Trojan battery, platforms equipped with level alarm, balancing valves, automatic safety boards, and other warning devices, safe, reliable and extended platform, working height ranges from 5m to max 14 meters, your ideal tool for indoor use or warehouse maintenance.

Test of 10m electric scissor lift

Yesterday we are doing a testing job of 10m scissor lift, from testing lifting height, detailed parts checking, every part are checked carefully for this equipment has many relationships with safety, here are some pictures from MORN.

Controller and scissor structure

Controller and scissor structure

Charger and Swing-out tray

Charger Swing out tray

Testing the movement of scissor lift

Scissor Lifts Movements

Guardrail folded

Guardrail Folded

Finally lifting up

lifting up

The color has many different choices, contact us right to get the latest price.