Stationary scissor lift is a whole that consists of many components. Careful inspections on all components can prevent the scissor lifts from breaking down, and prevent accidents & emergencies. With the frequent application of the lift equipment, incidents caused from improper inspection and operation on the machines are increased gradually. In view of this, this post aims to tell 5 aspects to be inspected before using the stationary scissor lift tables.


1.Inspect the coating

Coating tends to be a part that can be neglected most easily, due to that it’s usually regarded only as the beautiful “clothes” of the fixed scissor lifts. Facts may not be so. This kind of coating serves more as a layer of protective film to keep the steel structure from being corroded and rusted, which can prolong the service life of the equipment.

hydraulic scissor lift

2.Inspect the motor

Check whether the motor bed-plate and shell are in good condition, whether the motor can work normally without abnormal noises and smells, whether all bearings are in the right places, etc.

3.Inspect the electricity box

Inspect whether the coating, shell and safety warning signs of the electricity box are intact. Contactors should be examined comprehensively to ensure the normal running of the circuits.

stationary scissor lift

4.Inspect the power cable

Make sure the insulating layer of the power cable is not damaged or worn, and if so, immediately replace it with the new one. Also check out whether the cables are fixed tightly.

5.Inspect limit switches

Inspect whether all the limit switches installed in the stationary scissor lift platforms are reliable to be used, and make sure their wiring connections are secure.

limit switch

Although the inspection on the stationary scissor lifts seems to be tedious and trivial, it does bring great benefits to real work. Not only it can extend the working time of the lift tables, but can also reduce or even eliminate the hazards hidden in the operation process. In a word, regular inspection on the scissor lifts is of much significance to effectively protect people’s lives and property.