As Morn group grows, our cargo lift has been all over the world. And we received lots of positive feedback form our customers. So there is a question that why many people choose Morn cargo lift. Please listen to me.

For us the quality is priority among priorities. In order to guarantee the quality of the cargo lift, we do effort in any production process:

(1) MORN Technical support
MORN technical team provide professional design drawing for the confirmation with the user in case of any misunderstanding. It could make sure the vertical lift mechanism could meet your individual requirements.

(2) Do material inspection
we select the class parts and material for our cargo lift, which is the foundation to guarantee the quality of the cargo lift. And then we will do material inspection.

(3) Laser cutting machine
MORN use the most advanced laser cutting machine to process structures and parts, which make every lifter parts extremely precise with a error less than 3‰ of millimeter

(4) Shot blasting
MORN do rust-removing by shot blasting machine. It improves the adhesive power of steel surface and increase the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance ability. Therefore, it lengthen use-life of vertical lift mechanism.

(5) Powder Coating
MORN do painting by powder coating machine. Powder coating will make the painting durable and spray evenly,more beautiful, more efficient. It will prevent from getting rusty to extend the using life.

(6) Assembled guide rail
We will assemble platform, guide rails, hydraulic cylinder, chain and wire rope well before shipment, which could save money and time in installation.

reasons of choosing morn cargo lift

Each of production process, we have the strict standard, which could make sure that our cargo lift have a good quality and safety when using, what we do is satisfy our client by our high quality. We do our best to manufacture the best production for every customer.